A girl named Molly moves to london. She is staying in a holet and meets five hot guys. They are from the boy band named One Direction. Molly is on the same floor as them and she is feeling the blond one named Niall wont leave her alone. Niall ask her to go out for lunch every day and they start to get close when something happens!
If you wont to know you need to reafd to find out.


6. leaving the hospital...




    Niall's P.O.V.

  It was monday time for me to leave and i  was waiting for my doctors to come in and do my final check up and give me my medication. I was siting i a chair and siting in the chair next to me was Molly. She was playing fruit  ninja on my phone as it started to beep and she gave it to me and i answered it and it was my mom asking what has happened sounding all sad because she wasnt there because she was gone for three weeks.

  My mom asked what had happened as me annd Molly told her it took and 47 minutes to tell her the whole story. Her vocie sounded very sad but then the doc came in so i had to say my god byes. " well Mr. Horan do you mind hoping up slowly onto the bed and taking off your shirt" " ok it will be ok" as i look back at Molly and handed her my phone to her and i hoped up on the table, and took off my shirt and then looked at Molly witch was looking at me and then looked awqy. " ok Mr. Horan could you please lay down and breath for me" "ok" i said and i laid down and she did so. After a while when she was done she talked to me and she said " ok i dont think you should go home yet because you arent breathing very while and you cant walk with out being in pain but sence you need to go home i will let you ok but be very safe of i will be calling you a lot to talk to you about it" As she walks out of the room. " ok are you ready to go" i said to Molly as she is laughing at me " what are you laughing about?", "ok well you dont have your shirt" as she gigled " oh sorry" as i look for it not nowing where it is and then i look at her and she is holding my shirt ing her hands " give it to me " " no.." she said and then hugs it tight as i walk over to try to get it from her " you will never get you shirt " " well why dont you want me to have my shirt on do you like my body" " hahah" she said " well that is ok then you can keep it i will just wear my sweat shirt, haha you didnt think i had one" as i laugh and put it on and we walk out of the room. With Molly following behind, as we got to the door to get into a cab i see the other boys standing at the door looking at me and then all of a sudden harrys eyes widen as he runs over to me and give me a big hug and all the other boys join "OUCH" i yell out holding onto my side where my cut was. " Are you ok " Liam asks as he and the other boys step back and Molly comes in and checks on me. " yeah lets just get to the cab so we can leave" " well that is not going to work out that well" Louis says " well why " i ask confused " well if you go and look out the window there is a whole bunch of people out there screaming so we called pual to come get us" "ok" i say back " who is pual" Molly says " oh, he is are supper visor or helper or manager what ever you wont to call it" Zayn says quickly. " why do you have Nialls shirt annd why is Niall  just wearing his sweat shirt" Louis yells out raising his eye brows " well, i had to take off my shirt earlier so the doc could look at my side and when they were dont i forgot about my shirt until Molly reminded me so then i started to look for it and then i look back at her and she had it in her hands with a big smile i tryed getting it from her but she put it behind her back and sat back in the chair so then i put on my sweat shirt i had and then she never had gave it back yet" " and i never will" Molly says with a big smile on her face " oh ok i believe that" Louis says with a smirk on his face"shut up Louis" i said back to him. "here comes paul" Liam says as he runs over and gives him a hug as he yells out " come on boyz we need to sneak out the back ok lets go" we all start to walk out to his car and we all get in and sit down i amd siting between Molly abd Liam Paul is driving Louis is siting in the passenger seat and Harry and Zayn are siting in the way back.

   Molly's P.O.V.

  I stold Nialls shirt and i am not going you give it back to him. It smells so good his strong smell. we all are sitting in pauls car and we start to head back to the hotel. When we got to the hotel we walking into it and we all squash into the elevator as we go up to are rooms. when the elevator door opens pual, Harry, Louis, and Zayn walk into Zayns room because his was the on that was not messy and Niall, me, and Liam go into Nialls room i went because i was holding hhis medication and i dont know about Liam but they seem to be very close like they tell eachother every thing and like they are closer to each other then the other boyz are.

    We got into Niall's room and we take are shoes and jackets off and I go and put his medication in his kitchen and he starts to head to the couch fallowed by Liam. I still had his shirt in my hands as I get into the kitchen I put his medication on the table and I slip his shirt over my cloths and start to walk into the living room where Niall and Liam were. I walk into the room and Niall starts to stand up and walk towards me and then he yell " isn't that my shirt" as he comes and picks me up and runs me over to the couch and yells to Liam " Liam move I got her, we need to get my shirt back" then Liam jumps up and Niall throws me on the couch and Liam holds me down as Niall starts to tickle me saying " give me my shirt or this is going to get bad" " I am not scared of you" I respond back and Niall starts to tickle me more as he trys to take off his shirt I was wearing and he managed to get it off me but I was still holding on to it.


   even though this fells weird because I have only been with them for almost a day, but I was still enjoying it. Niall managed to get the shirt from me, as he starts to unzip his sweet shirt Liam runs into the bathroom yelling " I have to pee" Niall gets his sweet shirt off and as soon as he sets it down on the table Lou and the rest of the boyz plus Paul run in and Louis yells "well what is going on in here" and then starts to laugh and so does the rest of the boyz as Niall yells " no I was just putting my shirt on" " ok mate what ever you say" zyan says with a red face because of laughing. " ok well I better get to my room to sleep so good nite boyz" I say as I start to walk away as I remember about Niall's medication and he mite need help with it so then I stop and say " hey Niall" "yah" he said back " do you need help putting on you medication" "yah if you could help that would be prefect" he said as he started to walk to the kitchen and I fallow him.


   we get into the kitchen and I take out the medication on he needs to swallow and the other he needs to rub on is wound. " ok here is some water and the pill" he takes a sip of his water and then puts the pill in his mouth and swallows it. " ok now come here and take off your shirt" " well you haven't see enough yet" he said as he laughed " shut up and let me put on your medication" he takes off his shirt and comes closer to me and I take the cream out put some on my hand and slowly rub it on his wound " OUTCH" he yell and all of the boyz come running in " that hurts " " are you ok " the boys yell as they run into the kitchen "caught again without no shirt " Louis says " shut up mate" Niall says as he looks down at me yes I am shorter then him I am up to his bottom lip. " sorry are you ok" " yes I am fine" he says as I finshed up rubbing The medication on him " ok I better go now, bye" I say as I start to walk to the door as I hear a sexy Irish voice behind me " am I going to ever see you again" I turn around and look into his eyes they looked worried I start to think to my self is he NIALL JAMES HORAN asking me if he is ever going to see me again I am the one that should be saying that to him " well I don't know I am the room right next to yours so I hope but I am tired so I am going to go to bed. Good nite"  " good nite" they all said to me as I grabbed my things and walked out of his room and closed the door behind me.


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