A girl named Molly moves to london. She is staying in a holet and meets five hot guys. They are from the boy band named One Direction. Molly is on the same floor as them and she is feeling the blond one named Niall wont leave her alone. Niall ask her to go out for lunch every day and they start to get close when something happens!
If you wont to know you need to reafd to find out.


8. Hanging out with Josh


      Josh's P.O.V.

 I get of tweeter and run and get Nandos for the boyz. I get 7 meals and i head to their hotel with two arm full of bags. When i get to the hotel i go on the elevator and walk down the hall to Niall's room. I knock on his door and a few minutes later a young girl is standing in the door way, she was beautiful i must have the wrong room. "Sorry i must have the wrong room" "as the door opens a little more and out comes Niall "let me help you with that he said as he reached for the bags "Niall be careful you are not suppose to be pick up heave things" "i know i know i will just take two" he said as he took two from my arms. I wonder why he cant lift heave things what happened.

    I walk into his room and into the kitchen and all of the boyz are around the table as i put the bags on the table and every one digs in. Well every one digs in after Niall is already started, my god cant this kid eat and still stay in fit and look very healthy. "Well, I am Molly" the young girl said "I am Josh the boyz drummer" and that is how the conversations started. Niall was the first one done and he picked up all his plate and then walks out of the room. Next was Molly which did the same as him. After a while everyone was done and we where all in the living room. "so boyz tomorrow or to night would you like to come to a club with me, after i said that Molly and Niall both looked at each other "No thanks" Niall said "Same here" molly said there was something wrong i need to know. "Why?" "well it is a long story" Niall said "well i have time" i say as Niall leans forward and starts the story. I has been about 20 minuets sence they started the story and i fell so bad after he was done telling me about the stab he showed me the mark and then Molly finished up the story. After they were done the whole story they both looked down at the grown i felt back for have them tell me the whole story, "i am so sorry" "it is ok"Niall and Molly say together, and then after that we sat and talked and then i was getting late so everyone headed to bed i went to stay in Liam's room on is pull out couch. Molly stayed in Niall's room and gave him his medication and cream and that is when i left.


     Niall's P.O.V.

  All the boyz left so it was only so it is only me and Molly in the room i really don't want her to leave but i know i need to take it easy nice and slow so i just asked her out to eat tomorrow night luckily she said yes to g with me so i couldnt wait for tomorrow she told me that she will be in at 9am tomorrow to give me my medications so we said are good nights and she left to her room and i went to go to bed.















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