A girl named Molly moves to london. She is staying in a holet and meets five hot guys. They are from the boy band named One Direction. Molly is on the same floor as them and she is feeling the blond one named Niall wont leave her alone. Niall ask her to go out for lunch every day and they start to get close when something happens!
If you wont to know you need to reafd to find out.


10. Breakfast

    Molly P.O.V
 I wake up the next morning in my bed but the only thing is that I don't remember going into bed last night all I remember is falling asleep on Niall's sofa when we were watching Finding Nemo. Niall must of brought me in here last night, what a gentlemen he is. I just remembered that today I have a lot going on, Niall asked me if I wonted to go to an interview and his music video shot, and I am not going to say no to that because one they are one direction and two they are hot and also I think me and Niall are you know going out because he kissed me and asked what he wanted me to say when people asked about me. So I get up and decide to get ready and go down and eat breakfast. I slip on some black warm up pants and a purple swear shirt and head out the door with my room key in my pocket and my iPhone in my hand. I walk Dow. The hall and get into the elevator and go down to the lobby. I step out of the elevator when I opens up a d I walk into the food area and sit down on the sofa and turn on my phone, I go into my contacts and find Lily's number and send her a message that said "hey lil I miss you so much and I really want you to come down here, all some I need to tell you something but I will Skype you later because I need to meet up with the boys soon" and I put it in my pocket and head to the food table and pick up a plate but there is now one here and I go over to the men standing in one of the door ways " sir why is there no people here" "well because..." He started to say as a loud noise comes from down the hall and then some laughing as I hear someone say "shut up that hurt" in a Irish accent. There is only one person that has that voice Niall "what were you saying" I said to the man " well the boys one direction are coming to eat so no one can e down here at this time" he said " okay then why can I bed own here" " we'll isn't your named Molly Turn..." He started to say as the five boys walk into the room and Liam yells out "MOLLY" and I yell back "LIAM" and we all laugh and Niall comes up to me and gives me a hug and say " good morning sun shin" "good morning Niall oh and I have a questions" "a d I mite have an answer" "well you should, ok so how did I get to my own room last nigh?" " we'll how do you think I carried you" "we'll thanks and what is going on to day?" I asked "well if you want to come with us to all are things you are welcome to I already call Uncle Si" "who is Uncle Si" I asked "he is Simon Crowell but we call him Uncle Si instead" Niall said back to me " okay so Molly I heard you and Niall are you now going out you know what I mean" Lou whispered in my ear and nudged me with his elbow "shut up Lou" i said back " we'll do you want to eat with us" Liam asked looking at me "yeah sure" I said as I got some cereal and milk in a bowl a d then grabbed an apple and made some hot chocolate and headed over to the table that the boys where sitting at but Niall was still in the food area getting food as I sit next to Liam and a empty chair in witch Niall is going to be sitting in. I take out my spoon and all of a sudden someone takes it out of my hand and throughs it across the room and I look over and Liam is sitting down with big eye whispering sp, sp, for a while and the. " what the heck is wrong with you" "he is afraid of spoons" Harry said as he was laughing.
     "Okay so what are we doing today" Lou asked "well first an interview in one hour and then after that we are shooting the music video for 'kiss you' and Molly is going to be coming with us." He said a little excitedly, does he really like me like a lot or just because i am here and he wants a girlfriend, i guess i will never no unless i try it well that is what i have heard. The only thing is that i don't want to be hurt or heartbroken but i am willing to take the chance. We finish up eating and then we head to are rooms to het ready. When i got done getting ready i walked out of my room and walked over to Niall's i knocked and then he yelled from the other side of the door saying come in its open so i turn the knob and walk in and close it behind me.
  "Hey Molly" "hey Ni"i said walking over to the sofa and sitting down. "Whats wrong Molly" Niall said as he came over and sat down next to me and pit his arms over my shoulder. "It is nothing Niall" i said as i looked down at my feet, "Molly it isn't nothing tell me,  am here for you" he said as he lifted my head up with his fingers and stared into my eyes. "Well.... um...." I stated to say and then continued "i am scared Niall" i said with some tears slipping out "don't be sad what are you scared about" he said as he pulled me into a hug "well"i said as he pulled away from the hug "i am afraid that you are not going to want to be with me after a few days of being with me" i said as i lay my head in my hand and cry "Molly don't think like that i want to be with you okay do you under stand don't cry" he said giving me a hug as the door opens. "What did you do to her Nialler" Lou yelled and Niall didn't reply he just stayed in the hug "are you to all right" Liam asked and me or Niall answered i think he was starting to get worried why did i say that to him i am so stupid and Niall lets go and lifts my head up "Molly don't worry lets get you cleaned up and forget about it and go okay" "okay Niall but could you come with me please" "yes what ever you need" he answered as he stood up and grabbed my hand and pulled me up to a hug. "Okay what is going on here" harry asked "nothing to worry about i am going to go with her and we will be back you guys can stay here and do what ever.

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