Goodbye Charlie

Charlotte, also known as Charlie meets a guy... not any guy though.
Will she be able to stay strong when she's left alone.


1. Lonely Freak

Girls in groups quickly rush past me, nobody wants to be near the lonely little freak and it's true, they don't. My cherry red hair in a tight ponytail, my fringe clipped to the side. No make up, just natural... but apparently that's crazy. Crazy? They don't know what crazy is. I plug my earphones into my phone and place them in my ears, music starts to play... music is my only escape. Reading is my other escape, I'd rather sit at home and read a good book instead of being here. I slowly pull an earphone out of my right ear and look around. Groups of students sit, eating and talking... I wish I had that. Other students leave the school to play football on the field. I keep on looking around at the many people talking, a boy with black, long hair sat a far catches my eye though. His hair, like Izzy Stradlin's. I continue to watch. Every detail, every move. I may sound quite creepy but there's something about this guy but I can't put my finger on it. Everything changes, the room becomes silent as two bulky guys from the football team stroll straight over to him and push his head back against the chair. I throw everything into my bag and walk over, the fear in his face shakes me.

"Weirdo! What music is this, ey?" One of the guys asks, ripping out the earphones by the wire and dropping them to the floor. Some sort of heavy metal blasts out of the phone, I watch in shock as they grab him by the shoulders making it hard to move. "Freak! Look at your hair, I thought you were a really ugly girl for a moment!" The other guy spits. I move in closer, hand over my mouth in shock, now able to see the tears running down the young lads face. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I'll do anything... let me go!" More and more tears build up as he struggles and crys. A tear runs down my pale white cheeks as he crys in pain. My breathing becomes heavier as I make my way towards them.

"Leave him alone!" I shout. My heart rate rises, I can feel my heart just speeding up every second. The people in the canteen suddenly turn to look directly at me, I gulp. The guys turn around, letting go of the lad and looking directly into my eyes... flames are catching in mine though. "And who are you? His girlfriend?" I crack my knuckles and look down at my feet, my broken school shoes. Either lie to keep him safe or tell the truth and see where it gets me? My teeth start to chatter. "Yeah, I am. Have you got a problem with that?" I begin walking forwards, looking up at the guys. The young lad stands up and moves to my side, sliding his hand into mine. "You people aren't welcome here!" The boy spits again. I hold tight onto the lad, letting him know that he's safe beside me. "I'm not welcome here? I'm not welcome to attend school because of the way I dress and the music I listen too? Oh, I forgot... you like the girls caked in fake and skirts as high as their underwear, don't you?!" They suddenly back off, knowing that what I've said is only the truth. "Got anything else to say, love?" I laugh, they shake their heads and back away, grinding their teeth. I hear a few people applaud me then, in a blink of an eye, everyone is back to talking and eating their lunch.

I turn to look at the lad beside me, he bites his lip and then smiles. "Thank you so much for that" I look into his eyes, a bright blue that could light up a room, like the oceans.
"You're welcome... sorry about lying, you know, girlfriend and all" I sigh, twiddling my fingers. He laughs a little then looks down at my hands, "It's fine, maybe we can get to know each other a bit more?" He asks, looking back up at me, I nod my head in agreement. "I'm George, George Harris" He takes out his hand, I hold onto it and smile.
"And I'm Charlie Brook! I'll meet you in the atrium after school if you like?" I smile, he smiles back. "I'd love too. Ten minutes of break left, come and sit over here with me. Looks like you have no-one else to sit with"

I follow behind him and place myself on an ugly, blue chair. He sits directly across from me so we're both looking into each others eyes. "How come I've never seen you around before?" He asks, tipping his head sideways and grinning. I shrug my shoulders and look at the table, fiddling with my fingers. "Tell me about yourself then!" He whispers, looking around at everyone else. "Well, you already know my name. I'm 15 years old and an only child. I erm, I'm not that interesting really" I cough and continue to fiddle with my fingers. Glancing up at George as we sit in silence. "Are you going to tell me about yourself then, Georgie boy?" I ask, ruffling his hair. "Alright, alright! I'm the same age as you, erm, I have a little sister called Lily and a little brother called Henry... crazy little fellow. I'm... always so lonely, after you helped me then I knew I had just one friend... thank you" He leans across the table and plants a kiss on my cheek before sitting back down.

"I'll see you at the end of the day then, promise you'll wait?" He asks.
"I promise"

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