What did i do?!

Jasmine moved out of her parents house when she was sixteen. It was a good idea at the time but now she didn't have any one by her side to stop her doing reckless things! when she started a new semester in collage things got better for what seamed like a second how could 5 people make you feel like nothing but crap!


2. unpacking

my dad stayed for about one and a half hours before he took off and i appreciate his help! i haven't got and furniture except the kitchen cabinets the bed in my room my desk and a black long corner sofa with red cushions! good thing black and red are my Favorite colour, if it wasn't i would be screwed! humm i wonder where the bathroom is?! i walked into my room and found a door. that should be it! i opened the door and found not a bathroom but a walk in wardrobe! i stood there shocked! i walked in there was plenty of room for a bed! there were rails for clothes and assigned draws for stuff there was a shoes draw jewelry tie shirts everything! i stopped! i bent down there was a stain on the carpet it looked like...blood! i decided to ignore it! this was the perfect place to put my desk! arghh this apartment just keeps getting better and better! i noticed another door i opened it and there was the bathroom! it had a jet shower modern sink with neon lights on the tap and a cool modern toilet! wait did i really just call a toilet cool...! oh well...that was strange! any way instead of a bath it was a Jacuzzi bathtub! i instantly fell in love!

*knock knock* i walked to the door wondering who it could be! i hope it isn't my mum here to have a go at me! i opened the door and to my surprise a boy about 17 was there "hi neighbor do you have a cup of sugar!" he winked and i just laughed "no i haven't got any thing come in." i said and he walked inside "wow nice place!" he said "where do you live?" i asked "number 19! i'm next door!" he said with a massive smile on his face! he looked so cute i couldn't help but giggle! "what's your name?" he asked "i'm Jasmine!" i said smiling sweetly "i'm zayn!" he locked his brown eyes onto my turquoise eyes and we stayed like it for a few minuets! could it be possible that only after like five minuets of meeting this guy i have fallen in love!  

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