What did i do?!

Jasmine moved out of her parents house when she was sixteen. It was a good idea at the time but now she didn't have any one by her side to stop her doing reckless things! when she started a new semester in collage things got better for what seamed like a second how could 5 people make you feel like nothing but crap!


8. thank god!

it didn't look like he recognized me! THANK GOD! i couldn't stand to see him again he had to ruin my day i got over him and i never wanted to see him again one look into his eyes and i was lost! i looked at the ground and the bell wen't! thank god I said for the second time! i walked off quickly and made my way to Mr grey's room. i didn't wank to be early so i walked passed it and went round in a circle going passed lessons and looking inside. i wasn't looking where i was going and i smashed into someone! "oh...err...sorry!" i said "it's fine" he said back that voice was familiar i didn't want to look up in case i saw what i didn't want to see! i couldn't stop my self my head lifted up and there he was "tryna be late for class?!" he said with a wink "urgh...yeah you!" i said as casually as i could "yeah!" he said with a laugh "what's your name?" he asked me! ouch! that hurt! "oh..umm..Jasmine!" i said quietly "i used to have a girlfriend called Jasmine!" he said with a smile but it was filled with sadness "oh really" i said trying to sound sympathetic but it didn't really work! "yeah! she was amazing! i really miss her!" h said looking sad "yeah...i bet she miss' you to!" i said close to tears! great i haven't cried in years and now he had made me close to breaking down! man i hate him...but i love him too! why is life so difficult! "umm..i gotta get going!" i said still looking at the ground so i didn't show my face "oh, yeah me too, what you got?" he asked "R.E!" i replied "aha same!" he said with a smile! lord help me i don't want to be stuck with him! please...

we got into class "you're late!" Mr grey shouted "meh!" i replied and sat down "oh and a new comer. well you can sit by Jasmine as she brought you here!" he said "no, no sir i don't know him we just walked into the room at the same time!" i said trying to get him to sit next to someone else "shut it! go sit by her!" he said sternly! man i wish he would get shot and soon! i had  to spend the next hour sat next to my ex h=who has no idea who i am! fantastic!   

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