What did i do?!

Jasmine moved out of her parents house when she was sixteen. It was a good idea at the time but now she didn't have any one by her side to stop her doing reckless things! when she started a new semester in collage things got better for what seamed like a second how could 5 people make you feel like nothing but crap!


7. news!

i rode to collage and got some good and bad looks from people! i pulled in the bike area and got off. people started wolf whistling, i just ignored them i was smiling today and people were looking at me funny! what wasn't i aloud to smile! i walked through the door to the building and saw Clara standing by some lockers i walked over to her still smiling "wow someones happy!" she said smiling her self "i have news!" i said excitedly "what, what?!"she said really excited this time "i got into the boxing championship!" i said with a massive smile "arghh! im so happy for you!" she said jumping up and down and hugging me! people were giving us weird look but some people over heard our conversation as we sorts shouted it and were congratulating me i noticed some posters up around the place about the championship the first match was on Saturday then the 4 winners went through to the semmies then the 2 winners played each other in the finals where a dealer would sign the winner to be professional! that's why only the best were signed up! and i was one of them! the list was up of who was in and i was the only girl! everyone saw my name up there and were wishing me luck! suddenly i saw a ducati pulled up out side and pulled up next to my crossrunner a really fit guy came walking inside then her took his helmet of...no it couldn't be...Zayn! 


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