What did i do?!

Jasmine moved out of her parents house when she was sixteen. It was a good idea at the time but now she didn't have any one by her side to stop her doing reckless things! when she started a new semester in collage things got better for what seamed like a second how could 5 people make you feel like nothing but crap!


1. moving out

there's not really much to tell but that's a matter of opinion! but i'll tell you the story of my life anyway...

*flash back*

i was sixteen clever but seriously stupid! "JASMINE YOU'RE SIXTEEN WHY THE HELL ARE YOU MOVING OUT!?" i could here my mum shout! I am a very interdependent girl! I have been saving for a decent apartment since i was seven and now i have the money have a new beginning but i'm being held back! why can't my mum be happy for me! it's not like i'm never going to see her again! i'll visit all the time! it's as hard for me as it is for her if not harder! and i need some one by my side but she's not there when was she ever there! oh yeah she's there to make me feel like shit! *knock knock* "What!" i said sternly the door opened and i saw my dads head poke round "darl.." "why can't she just be happy for me! why does she have to turn this into hell!" I cut him off "it's hard for her you know" "well it's hard for me too but where is she she's never here to support me through this!" "it's because you're still her little girl and it's hard to let you go!" as he said this i looked to the ground "i'll always be here for you when your mums not!" my father said comfortingly "now hand me some bags to throw into the van!" he said smiling I handed him a bag of clothes. it wasn't all my clothes i left some in the draw to show i coming back and visiting, hopefully this will get it into my mothers head that i'm leaving and she needs to accept the fact! i left pretty much all my furniture i just took my desk! that desk was a present from my Nan she knew me better than anyone else even more than my mum and dad! she was always there for me! she believed that one day i'll get my own apartment! she was the one who encouraged me to do this! if she was still here she would be right by my side helping me with every move i make! i would have loved to have seen the look on her face when she saw my apartment! i was planning to take a picture and place it on her grave with some flowers because deep down i know she'll see it! 

the last bit of my, what seamed like complete and utter crap, was piled into the van! i sat in the passenger seat and nervously held the apartment keys in my hand! i was so excited but a little nervous at the same time! my dad drove since i didn't have a licence yet but everything i needed was in walking distance! and i was very grateful for that! when we pulled up out side the block of apartments it was bigger than i expected i just sat there looking at it! "sooo...here we go i guess!" i said you could hear the nervousness in my voice but excitement overpowered it! i looked at the brochure and there was 20 apartments in this block and i was number 18! I went up and opened the door and gasped it was so much better than i thought! you walked in through the door and you were instantly in a massive room with a massive window at the back with a window ledge that could be turned into a window seat it had an incredible city view! the living room opened up to a massive kitchen! it had black marble surfaces and shiny red cabinets and draws and a island in the middle! the kitchen alone was a whole lot bigger than my old room and even that room was quite big! on the other side of the living room was the bed room! I burst in a jumped at the bed and rolled around! it was a king-sized bed with black satin cover and sheets with matching curtains i pulled them back and i could see all the city and had a perfect view of the fountain! i feel sorry for the people lower down because they wouldn't have this amazing view! there were three rooms on each floor an on the bottom there was only two and the reception! i feel so privileged to be on the top floor! 

i ran down stairs forgetting the lift and out to my dad "was it nice?" he asked "amazing come and see!" i heard him lock the van then race after me! we took the lift this time and i have to admit it was a very post lift! with me living here this lift will be trashed in a matter of days! i raced up to the door and swing it open and my dads eyes nearly popped out of his "i see why you moved out!" he said laughing. he looked round the room just like I did and i couldn't help but laugh at his face! "lets go and get your stuff!" he said "Race you!" i said "you're on!" he answered "3...2....1...GO!" i shouted and we both sprinted off i ran straight for the stairs but i couldn't see my dad! slow coach! i got to the bottom out of breath to see my dad there "wha...ho...wha!" i stuttered and he just laughed "how...di..did...you..get here so fast!" i said confused "i took the lift!" "CHEAT!" I shouted "aha you didn't explain the rules!" "unfair!" and with that we walked to the van!

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