What did i do?!

Jasmine moved out of her parents house when she was sixteen. It was a good idea at the time but now she didn't have any one by her side to stop her doing reckless things! when she started a new semester in collage things got better for what seamed like a second how could 5 people make you feel like nothing but crap!


11. many day went away with nothing to show

i woke up to a very uncomfortable bed and a load of annoying noises! i noticed by the side of me a load of cards i chose to ignore them until i saw one from mat! i picked it up and read it 'to Jasmine i hope you get well soon were all missing you down at the club and the competitions soon! we can't wait to see you again remember i will always love you no matter what xxx' i missed him so much i wish i could see him! i decided to read the other cards and most were from mat! 'to Jasmine it's been a few days now but don't worry the competition was postponed because only a few players could attend it's in 5 weeks time! i know you'll do brilliantly! i really wish you could be better because 'm really missing you :'( i love you loads and loads from mat xxxx' i had completely forgot about the competition what day is it? how long do i have to practice? have i missed it? "excuse me what's the date?" i asked a nurse "it's the 9th" "oh ok thank you" how long have i been here? what happened? i read more cards, there was one from Clara and some from people in the boxing club but there was also some from people i didn't know! scary! one of the reasons why Mat is my best friend is that he is there every step of the way it looked like he gave me a card like every 3 days! god bless him! he was keeping me up to date with all the gossip and what was going on and he was telling me how many days it had been and so far we were on 3 weeks! i was in a coma! for 3 weeks! wow! the cards were really nice they lifted my spirit i thought i got to the end when i saw one last one on the table i picked it up it  only said a few words! only a few but enough to make me cry enough to crush me but enough to cure me! 'i'm sorry...' i knew who i was before even looking at who signed it 'love Zayn'

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