What did i do?!

Jasmine moved out of her parents house when she was sixteen. It was a good idea at the time but now she didn't have any one by her side to stop her doing reckless things! when she started a new semester in collage things got better for what seamed like a second how could 5 people make you feel like nothing but crap!


6. boxing!

besides rugby, boxing is one of my favorite sports! every body knows that i ca deliver a mean punch so they tend not to get in a fight with me! i got to the club and opened the door, i was the only girl in this club and in this club my smile returned i felt normal forgot about the past! i was friends with everyone in the club as it was quite small but they were more like brothers and the people i was closest to was, john, zac and mat especially mat! i had black my mini workout baggy shorts on and a black tank top with seat bands round my wrists and my black boxing gloves on! i always trashed the boys in matches and i beat the crap out of the bunch bags i mean most had to be thrown away because they were so beaten you couldn't use them any more! little Porsche started playing and i started to the beat until i just started beating the crap out of it! the club went quiet and all eyes were on me! "Jasmine!" i heard someone shout and i stopped it was the manager Phil "can i see you in my office!" i looked at mat and her gestured me to go forward!

*Mat's p.o.v*

"every time someone goes into Phil's office means that there going to be signed up to something!" i said to John and Zac i watched her walk inside she sat down and the door closed i was worried in case it was something bad! i started at the punch bag and let all my emotions out! a few minuets later the door opened i instantly turned around Jasmine had the biggest smile on her face! i was so happy to see her like this! "what happened?!" i asked her excited "Phil signed me up for the boxing championship!" she said and i picked her up and span her around and laughed "that's amazing news!" i shouted the whole club lifted her up and was cheering it was such a privileged to be signed up to the boxing championship! and there is no one better to be chosen that Jasmine! she's amazing!

*Jasmine's p.o.v*

AHA! i's so happy! nothing could ever be better than the boxing championship! i can't wait to tell Clara! i hugged mat and gave him a kiss on the cheek i ran out the door and ran home! i got through the door and i jumped up and down with happiness! i put on some green high waist studded shorts and a black shirt that showed one shoulder and some black studded high tops and a black leather jacket i grabbed my keys and helmet and went out the door! 

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