A Magical Week

OMG! wait! are you serious? haha, nice try. wait... you're not joking.
This year, in the students exchange program, instead og going to Germany or France; we are going to ............... HOGWARTS.
In the famous castle, one can find true friendship, love, and disappointment!


3. YAY!

Sam's POV:

so we got to school and went to first period, I had Physics, yaay! I love physics. I just hate the teacher, whatever.

so the first period ended, and when the second period started we heard the principal's voice in the speakers "I want all the students to go to the gym, we have something  to announce, NOW!" as he finished all the students picked up their things and headed to the gym, I waited for the boys outside the gym, when they arrived we got in together.

we sat on the chairs that was organized in the gym, and all of the students turned to listen to what the principal has to say. "Good morning everyone, I wanted to announce something. Every year we have the students exchange program for the seniors, but this year we decided to let all the kids request for it. but only four students get to go. And this year it'S not in Germany, or France."

"Then where?" some students yelled, "only the ones that get picked will know. Now off to class everyone!" he said and we got out of gym very excited. I was totally applying this program, "hey, anyone thinking about applying to this program?" i asked, "yeah, me" said Harry, my heart started beating fast, "yeah, me too" Niall said in his Irish accent, "Yaay! me too" i said, "maybe we all get picked" i said, I felt strong arms around my neck, "let's hope so." Louis said, "yeah, let's" I said holding his hands, "I'm hungry" Niall said, randomly "yeah, me too, let's go eat" Liam said, we went to Harry's Range Rover "I call shotgun" Zayn said, or screamed... 



I sent my application request to the one in charge of this program, or in my case, the principal, a week ago, and i'm waiting for the results. they should tell us who got chosen today.

I walked into my closet and decided to wear something comfy today, so I put on my black and pink space hoodie, and slid into my white skinny jeans, and put on my pink high heels. I decided to curl my hair, so I waited for my curling machine to heat, and while it was heating I did my makeup, I put light blush, black mascara and eyeliner, and light pink lipstick. Then I curled only the tips of my hair. I got my VERSACE pink purse and my phone and went to Louis's house, as always, his mum opened the door, and I went to wake him up, he got dressed and we met with the boys and got to school.

At the first period we heard the principal's voice "all the students that applied for the students exchange program, please come to my office" . Me, Harry, and Niall went to the office and saw about seven students there. the principal stood and said "there were four students that was chosen to go, and these students are: Sam Olson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Jhream Blake", and i put on a huge smile on my face YES! i was chosen with Harry and Niall, and another girl I don't know, haha! "I need you to stay here, and all the other students you may return to you classes." he said, I was excited to know where we're going "so, guys. I know you won't believe me when I tell you this, but you have to keep this a secret and not tell anyone OK?" we all nodded "so the place you're going to is ..."


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