A Magical Week

OMG! wait! are you serious? haha, nice try. wait... you're not joking.
This year, in the students exchange program, instead og going to Germany or France; we are going to ............... HOGWARTS.
In the famous castle, one can find true friendship, love, and disappointment!


14. The Plan

Niall's POV:

There's something wrong about this Jennifer chick. I mean, you don't threaten someone, and then you wake up the next day and think "Hmm... let's go apologize to that someone". There's something wrong, and I'm gonna find out what it is.

As I was walking out of the great hall I felt someone tap me on the shoulder, I turned around to find Jhream, I leaned in to kiss her but she put her hand between our faces, "not now!" she snapped, I pouted "why?" she looked at me firmly, "there's something fishy about Jennifer" it's like she read my mind, "I know, right?" I said, "I mean, you don't just wake up one day with an apologizing mood" I said what I was thinking a couple minutes before she came, "yeah..." she mumbled, she had her adorable thinking face, I knew she was planning something, "JJ, what're you up to?" I asked, she didn't answer, she just put a mischievous smile on her face, and dragged me after her.

Jhream's POV:

I dragged him after me, I had a plan, I'm not sure if it's the best, but... oh, well! 

"Listen, I know you're gonna refuse to this at first, but can u trust me?" I said, "Jhream, what's the matter?" he said, I ignored his question, "answer me!" I said, louder now, "what?" he asked, "do you trust me?" i repeated, "yes" he answered, now starting to get worried by every second, "and you know that I love you, right?" I said, "of course I do" he said, starting to shake, "Jhream, what's wrong? you're scaring me" I swallowed, it was really hard on me, "well, I don't really know how to say it..." "just say it!" he cut me off, "ok, so I have a plan for knowing what Jennifer's up to" I took a deep breathe, "well, Jennifer is also in Hufflepuff, right?" I said hesitantly, "you're gonna have to pretend to cheat on me with her" I said really fast, and all in one breathe. "he looked at me with wide eyes "WHAT?" he screamed, "there's no freaking way I'm dating this bitch!" he said starting to get angry, his face turned into tomato red, "look, I'm really sorry, but you have to do this. your best friends' relationship depends on us! we know something's wrong with her, and if we don't do something immediately, they might break up" I said starting to get angry with him, how selfish can he be? 

"Fine..." he sighed,


Niall's POV:

"fine..." I sighed, I didn't really feel like doing it, but Jhream was right, our best friends' relationship depends on us, so I'm wiling to do this for them.

"listen, I'm really sorry, but look at the bright side." she said, "and what's that?" i replied looking at her mesmerising hazel eyes, "we're not breaking up" she said and my eyes widened "but...but you just said that... I... that... WHAT?!" I said puzzled

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