A Magical Week

OMG! wait! are you serious? haha, nice try. wait... you're not joking.
This year, in the students exchange program, instead og going to Germany or France; we are going to ............... HOGWARTS.
In the famous castle, one can find true friendship, love, and disappointment!


12. The Break-up & The make-up

Jhream's POV:

Niall was really sweet. I loved everything about him, from his perfect blonde hair, his paralysing eyes, to his beautiful smile and angelic voice, I'm so lucky to be his girlfriend.

I was getting dressed when I heard a knock on the door, I opened it and in came Hermione, "hey, Hermione, what brings you here?" I asked her, "oh, nothing. Just wanted to talk to you about something" she said, "ok, talk" I said, "I just wanted to tell you to stay away from Niall" she said casually, "I beg your pardon?" I said, shocked, "you heard me." she snapped, "and if you won't, then you'll have to face me, and trust me, you do not want to do that" she said and walked out of the room. I sat there for about 5 minutes, staring at the wall, shocked from what just happened, when I suddenly burst out crying, I loved Niall, I didn't want to break-up with him, but I had to, I was too scared! from what i've read, Hrermione is the smartest student in her year, so she can do whatever she wants. But on the other hand, I've read that she's super nice, but it turns out it's all lies!

Sam's POV:

Today something happened that really surprised me; I was sitting in the library, reading this book I found, when someone sat next to me, I looked up and saw the girl that threatened me, I still don't know what's her name, god, she was stunning, she was tall with brown wavy hair that goes all the way to her back, she was really skinny, she had big hazel eyes, that were green now, and she had mascara, and black eyeliner that made her eyes somewhat greener, and she had a stunning smile that could wow whoever looked at her, I'm still surprised why Harry didn't leave me as soon as he saw her. "what do you want?" I snapped at her, she looked down at her legs, "listen, I just wanted to apologize" she paused for a second, "I'm really sorry that I threatened you the other day, I really don't know what got into me, I... I..." she started crying, I hugged her, "it's OK" I said, "I understand if you don't want to forgive me, but I just wanted you to know that I'm truly sorry." she said, sniffling, "it's OK, I forgive you" I said, she looked up, "really?" she asked, and I nodded as a response to her question, "oh, thank you so much" she said, gratefully, "you're welcome. Now, why don't we open a new page, ha? what do you say?" I asked her, "of course" she answered, "Hi, I'm Sam" I said, realizing she didn't even know my name, "you?" I asked, "I'm Jennifer" she smiled.



----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- guys.... I'm really sorry about the short chapter!! I promise the next one will be much longer, but I wrote this as a gap filler!!


lOVE YOU... Hope you'll have a day full of CARROTS, CATS, FOOD, MIRRORS, AND TURTLES! 

BYE <3


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