A Magical Week

OMG! wait! are you serious? haha, nice try. wait... you're not joking.
This year, in the students exchange program, instead og going to Germany or France; we are going to ............... HOGWARTS.
In the famous castle, one can find true friendship, love, and disappointment!


16. please don't...

Jhream's POV:

"but... but you just said... i... that... WHAT?!" he said puzzled.

"I said you're gonna cheat on me. and if you're gonna cheat on me then that means we're gonna have to still be dating, right?" i said

"umm... ok now i feel stupid" he chuckled

"yeah, well you are stupid for not thinking about this" i laughed, he grabbed my face, said 'i love you, Jhream' and kissed me. 

That was the first time a guy told me he loved me! eeeeppp!

Sam's POV:

"I miss Louis" i told Harry while walking back from one of the classes, "yeah, I miss my husband too" he said with a complete straight face, i started laughing,

"hey! I'm serious!" he said, making himself look hurt,

"oh i'm sorry baby!" i told him and kissed his cheek, but he turned his head so i ended up kissing his lips, "well then" i said while kissing him, he just smiled and stopped the kiss, 

"you are the BEST girlfriend EVER!" he gave me one of his cheeky smiles, 

"awe, and you, mister, are the best boyfriend ever!" i hugged him, he put his hands on my sides, i just love how his hands fit perfectly on my waists!

"so..." he said, taking me off my thoughts,

"so...?" i said,

"what're you thinking about?" he asked,

"umm... nothing" i smiled

"Mhmm... ok" he said, "umm listen, i need to go to the loo, i'll meet you in the dorms OK?"  he kissed me,

"ok, bye" i smiled at him, and started walking towards the dorms when i saw Niall and... "oh my god!" i said loudly, they both looked at me terrified,

"wait, Sam!" Niall said and started walking towards me, i just turned on my heels and started running to the Slytherin dorms, thinking about how should i tell Jhream, "wait Sam, please!" he begged me,

"Niall, please i don't want excuses." i told him, "i didn't expect this from you! and plus, you and Jennifer?" i said disgusted, "really? why her? why cheating on Jhream? i thought you loved her!" i started yelling, 

"i do love her" he exclaimed,

"well, you have a weird way showing it" i said coldly,

"let's... let's just go talk to Jhream and I'll explain everything ok?" he asked, i hesitated before saying




we got the Slytherin dorms and saw Jhream sitting on one of the armchairs in the dorm, "we need to talk, Jhream" i said coldly, death-glaring at Niall, 

"umm... OK. what is it?" sha asked, curious,

"Niall is cheating on you" i said, she didn't even look surprised, like she knew,

"umm... yeah i know..." she said, i was completely shocked, 

"what do you mean, you know?" i asked,

"i mean that this was my idea... Niall is pretending to cheat on me with Jennifer, so we'll know what she's up to" she said, i was still confused, though

"still confused, up to what?" i asked

"well, me, Niall and Harry don't trust her... i think there's something wrong about her... i mean you don't just wake up one morning and decide to go and apologize to the person you THREATENED the day before" she said, i didn't know what to answer her,

"and you're gonna tell me that you are OK with Niall kissing another girl?" i said

"you..." she said, looking hurt, "kissed her?" she turned to Niall, nearly crying

"well... yeah! but she kissed me first and if i didn't kiss her back then she'll suspect something's up... Jhream, i didn't mean to hurt you. I swear!" he said, i saw honesty in his eyes, only Jhream didn't,

"no, Niall... that doesn't give you the right to kiss her!" she said, tears streaming down her face, 

"well, what was i supposed to do?" he said, raising his voice, "and besides, you're the one who suggested me cheating on you, and now you're putting the blame on me?" he said, now screaming. good thing there wasn't anyone in the dorms,

"Niall..." Jhream whispered, "I think we should break up" she said, and started running to her room,

"Jhream, no... please" Niall pleaded, crying...

"Niall... don't worry, it's gonna be alright" i said, trying to comfort him,

"how exactly? i just lost the one that i love the most. tell me, Sam, how is everything gonna be alright?" he said, crying. I just left him alone, because i knew that's what he needed...

Jream's POV:

i didn't want to break up with him, i love him, but when i suggested that he'd cheat on me i didn't expect him kissing her!

i was crying for about 10 minutes when Shaden walked in the room, 

"what happened?" she asked, Shaden was another student from the Students Exchange Program, she was really tall, had brown her and reached the end of her back, hazel eyes, and really big smile, she was from the USA, and we became really fast friends

"i just broke up with Niall" i said, sniffling,

"oh baby, I'm sorry!" she said in a comforting tone,

"it's OK. i'm OK" i lied,

"are you?" she said in a doubtful tone,

"no i'm not!" i started crying, "i love him!" 

"oh, baby. then why did you break up with him?" she asked curious.

"umm... i don't really want to talk about it... sorry" i apologized.

"oh, OK it's fine... wanna go have a dinner?" she asked,

"yeah, sure..." i got up from bed, washed my face, and got down to the dinning room with Shaden.

when we got there i saw...



heyy ya bootyful people!!

ok first of all i am so so so so sorry i haven't uploaded in ages!! i was really busy!!!

and seconddd... how did you like the chapter?

please tell mee... ily <333

~Shaden, aka, 1D__Perection

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