A Magical Week

OMG! wait! are you serious? haha, nice try. wait... you're not joking.
This year, in the students exchange program, instead og going to Germany or France; we are going to ............... HOGWARTS.
In the famous castle, one can find true friendship, love, and disappointment!


7. Alone!

Sam's POV:

When we saw professor McGonagall, we knew that there's no way we could make trouble when she's around, "Hello, and welcome to Hogwarts," she said,  we all mumbled "hi", "please follow me to my office." she said and started walking, we followed her, Harry snaked his arm around my waste, and I smiled up at him. I saw Niall and Jhream holding hands, and Niall whispering something to her, awee they make such a cute couple! 

"Please, have a seat" she said as we entered her office, "OK, right now there's a ceremony for the beginning of the school year" she paused, "now, you are going to wait outside the great-hall , until the doors open, you go in and walk to professor Dumbledore, and he will introduce you to the students" we nodded, "now, if you please follow me, i will show you the way to the great-hall" she said and walked outside her office, we followed behind, I was really nervous, and i think Harry noticed, cuz he hugged me and said "don't be nervous, babe" he kissed my forehead, "thanks, babe" I pecked his lips, "...ok, it's time for you to go in" professor McGonagall said, the doors opened, and we walked in, as we walked I felt each and every eye that was on me, I was shaking, so Harry put his hand on my back to calm me down, it worked, but just a bit though.

It took us seconds to get to the headmaster, but it felt like forever, we got there and we stood next to him, me and Harry on the one side and Jhream and Niall on the other, and I was literally shaking, I didn't like being noticed by so many people, Harry saw that I was shaking, so he held my hand that was behind my back, so no one saw.

"Hello, everyone, and welcome to a new year at Hogwarts" Dumbledore paused for a second, "this year we have four students, they are muggles" A WHAT?! "muggles are people who are not wizards and witches" he explained "they came from something they call 'students exchange program'" he smiled at us, "so, each of them will be in a different house" I freak out at his last sentence, am I going to be ALONE? oh, crap!! I looked at Harry, with panic written on my face, but he just smiled at me, SERIOUSLY?! 

"So, now I'm gonna say where every students will be," he looked at us, we gave him a slight nod, "Sam Olson" he called, my head shot in his direction, "you will be in Griffindor" he said, i went to sit with them, I was kind of relieved, cuz I had Hermione and Ron and Harry, "Niall Horan, you will be in Hufflepuff " Niall smiled at him, and went to sit with his house, "Harry Styles, you were put in Revenclaw" Harry nodded, let go of my hand and went to sit with his house, "and Jhream is in Slytherin" he finally said, and Jhream went to sit with them.

while we were sitting I kept looking at Harry, and he would wink at me everytime I looked at him, I went red and Hermione noticed, "do you like him? do you want me to hook you up?" she said with a smile, "no thanks, he's already taken" i said "oh, you must be sad about that" she said, "why would I be sad?" I asked, confused, "cuz you like him, but he's already taken" she said, "oh, I think you didn't understand me," I said with a smile, "he's taken by me, i'm his girlfriend" "oh! that's fantastic, I have to admit; he is pretty hot!" she laughed, "yeah, he is, isn't he" i said with a stupid smile on my face, "yeah, but don't worry, I already got my eyes on the blonde one, Niall" she said, "oh, he's taken too, by the one who was put in Slytherin" i said, and she seemed disappointed, "ugh! then there's no point trying, ha?" she asked, I shook my head, "oh, wel" she said and got back to the food.

we finished the food and everything, and when I got out, I felt strong arms hugging me from behind, i knew it was Harry, so i turned to face him, "I missed you, babe" his husky voice said, "we've been away for like 30 minute, and we were even in the same room" I laughed, "how can you miss me already?" i asked, "umm... don't know" he said then leaned to kiss me, but i turned away, "people are looking!" I said and I could see all those girls staring at Harry, "I think you're gonna have half of the girls flirting with you this week, if not all of them" I said, worried, "but none of them will have my heart, cuz someone else already has it" he leaned and kissed me. I swear, if looks could kill, I would've been dead by now!

I don't think this is going to be the best trip anymore, but I'm sure it's gonna be.... something!





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