Never Again!

"You will do what i say!" Calum said, his eyes darted around the room. So mine did to, what was he planning? Revenge?


2. The Silence...

He pulled out.... A gun! "No, no Calum please!" I screamed. I knew he would do it i knew he wold shoot me when he wants to. "I loved you, and this is how you act?!" Calum said he Put a chair in front of the table in the center of the room and tied me to it with a rope. Tears Fell down my face like a waterfall. "Please Calum you don't need to do this!" I announced struggling. He put the Laptop in front of me. i saw the time on the laptop it was 1:18 What could he have been doing at this time? "Calum i do love you!" I struggled to say. I didn't love him and never would but i was willing to try anything at this point. "Shhh!" Calum said  he turned on Skype and called My ex-Boyfriend "Harry!" I said i saw his face. My make up was running from all the terror. "Tell him! Go on!" Calum Screamed. He held a gun to my head with no hesitation "Leve her Alone!" Harry Screamed. "I love you" I whisper softly. 
Sorry It's a short chapter!


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