Never Again!

"You will do what i say!" Calum said, his eyes darted around the room. So mine did to, what was he planning? Revenge?


3. The Exscape


"Dont worry! I will get you out of there" Harry said with his soft voice. I was so scared. Was i going to get out alive or dead?...
"Tell him!" Calum screamed "Tell him!" he said again "Harry, help me!" I start-ted "Calum has tied me to this chair and is holding a gun to me, Harry im so scared!" I was hoping for help and i might have got it... as i was speaking i saw through the screen... It was Louis! But i Dont want Calum to hurt him to! "Its okay, It will be fine!" Harry started.  His eyes full of fright. " Please Calum dont hurt her!" Harry said hoping to change Calum's mind "No Harry!" She will die now and tonight!" Calum said pushing the gun towards my head. "Drop the Gun we have the house surrounded!" A big voice said. A shock of relief filled me all around but i was still in trouble "You called the cop's!" Calum Said angrily. he was getting more and more aggressive. "5...4...3...2" My life was going to be over as Calum counted down from 5 i would be gone i would never get married never see my family again never have kids...never be with harry again... "1!" Calum shouted with glee. i turn't my head and was prepared for the pain, But i felt none "Get of me!" I heard Calum saying! "Its okay now" Harry said "Go to Hell you Bastard!" Louis said he had put a massive black bag over Calum's Head and body. The Police rushed in and Un-tied me. Those tears ran down my face some Tears of happiness some still full of pain. "You will be fine We promise!" Louis said "Thank you Louis Thank you Harry" I said with relief "What will happen to He who shall not be named?" Harry said giggling. That made as all Laugh to. "Well..." The police women started "He will surely go to Jail but he will be sentenced" She finished. I stood up and Rubbed my Wrists were all the rope burn marks were...

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