Never Again!

"You will do what i say!" Calum said, his eyes darted around the room. So mine did to, what was he planning? Revenge?


1. Its Over!

You lye their... In his bed, do you really want to be here? You ask yourself. "I love you" He whispers in your ear. You got startled a little. "But you Dont, do you!" You say whilst turning to face him. It was dark so you couldn't see much "I mean, You used to love me. But something happened, diddnt it." You said looking into his dull eyes. Calum put his arm's around your waist, and pulled you close. "No!" You screamed and jumped up to turn the lights on. You stood there, Cold. "Get back into bed!" Calum screamed. "No Calum!" You answered back a tear streaming down your face.  He jumped up, pulled the mossy green covers of him and walked to you. "No, no im sorry!" you said crying and hoping nothing bad would happen. "You will do what i say, Got it!" His eyes dart ted around the room, like a lightning bolt. Mine did to it was so sudden. He grabbed my hair and tugged at it. ""Let go of me!" I said pushing him away. It felt good sticking up to him for once but could i do it for much longer? "You really want to do that?" He said with a smirk on his face. He reached to the draw and Opens it. He was good at creating suspense...

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