Never Again!

"You will do what i say!" Calum said, his eyes darted around the room. So mine did to, what was he planning? Revenge?


4. Is it right?

The police searched the house and were gone with in 5 Minuets "Is that all it Takes she was nearly bloody shot!" Louis said 
"Its fine Louis their just doing there job" I answered with a smile on my face. "I have to go now, Louis help her pack her bags and then bring her home, we need to make sure she's safe" Harry said still on cam with me "Bye Harry!" I said pressing the End call button.  I was still rubbing my Wrists they really hurt. "Are you sure your okay?!" Louis said softly "Yeah im sure" I announced. I ran to the bathroom and ran the cold tap. I put my wrists under the running water. "I will get your stuff!" Louis shouted across the hall. "Yeah sure its all in the wardrobe!" I shouted back. I was still so scared, what if he gets out of jail and comes after me?. I asked my self. Louis came in to the bathroom, turent the tap of and spun me around. We were Nose to nose, Chest to chest and before i new it Lips to Lips... Louis kissed me tenderly and i let him. I ran my hands through his brown lushes locks, Was it right? because it felt right. He mounded a thew times and I gave in. My hands exploring his body and his exploring mine. He made me forget what had just happened, made all those troubles go away. "Louis!" I mounded i wanted him so badly. He kissed down my neck and back up again. You could tell he enjoyed it. Harry! i thought... i couldn't do this to him. "Im sorry Louis, I really am." I started i pushed Louis away. "Why?!" Louis said A tear fell down his face. Guilt filled me "Im sorry I can do this to Harry, Maybe another time when this has all blown over yeah? It dosent mean i dont Love you!" I said lifting his chin. I kissed him softly on the Check and walked to the room to get my stuff.

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