Never Again!

"You will do what i say!" Calum said, his eyes darted around the room. So mine did to, what was he planning? Revenge?


5. Can i?

I grabbed My stuff And walked down the stairs. Louis opened the door and let me out "Thank you" I said smiling. "No problem" Louis answered. It was a Bit awkward on the way to Harry's. Louis Turn't the music up and started to sing "I want you to Rock me, Rock Me, Rock me Yeah!" He had a lovely voice and face and Bo- What was i thinking do i love Harry Or Louis? "Louis..." I said "Yes Darling?" Louis Said Turning the Music down. "I Dont no what to do... What if Calum comes after me again!" I struggled to get those words out of me. I was shaking. "Look, He will not come after you...The Bastard wont even get with in 2 feet near you!" Louis Answered smiling, He had some sort of effect on me, something harry gives me...But i cant love both of them can i? 

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