Who to choose?

Anna is 17 years old and shares an apartment in London with her best friend Emily. She has a really tough life and her boyfriend just broke up with her.
But what will haben wenn Anna and Emily goes on a trip to LA and meets the worlds hottest boyband One Direction? Will she fall in love again?
and what haben wenn more than 1 of the members of 1D confess their love for her?


4. The boys

Anna´s P.O.V.

I looked up in 5 pair of eyes but only one pair caught my eye.

"I´m so sorry" the black haired boy said 

"It´s okay" i said

"No it´s not i just kicked a ball on you"

"It didn´t hurt that much" there was a little silence and i just smiled at them.

"But anyway i´m Louis and that is Zayn, Niall, Liam and Harry" the guy with brown hair he was the one that caught my eye. He was really hot!

"I´m Anna" i said. Then it hit me they were One Direction

"Hey you are One Direction right?"

"Jep that is right" Harry said.

"Cool" i said.

They sat down and we started talking a got to know eachother. They are really sweet and cool. Suddanly it hit me

"Where is Emily!?!"

"Who is Emily?" Niall asked

"My best friend i have to find her she went to buy us a drink and she didn´t come back" i stod up and began to walk. The boys ran after me.

"We can help you what does she look like?" Louis said.

"She has a little curly brown hair and she is wearing a green and white bekini and some shorts" i said. 

I got all of their phone numbers and they mine so we could call eachother if we found her. Then we splitted up and looked for her. After 15 minutes i meet Louis and we began to walk and talk together. I was really nice talking to him cause i think i kinde of like him. Suddanly i saw Emily talking to some guy i ran up to her.

"Emily what the hell were you doing i were so worried about you!"

"Oh hey Anna i just meet Taylor here and calm i haven´t been away so long"

"Not been away for long!?! I has been 2 hours!" "Ohhhh... i´m sorry.."

"Its okay and by the way this is Louis" Louis was standing by my side now.

"Hey we do you guys wanne come with us to our beach house" i asked Louis and Taylor. 

"Yeah that sounds great" louis said. I called the other boys and invited them to our beach house too.


------ Later at the beach house --------


I were showing Louis the house wenn we heard a knock on the door i opend it and it was the other boys.

"Wow.. nice house!" Zayn said "Thanks" i said. Emiy and Taylor went for a walk so i was alone with the boys.

"What do you wanna do?" i asked

"How about truth or dare?" Louis asked.

"Okay" we all yelled

"I wanna start! Anna Truth or Dare?" Niall yelled


"Who do you like most of us?"

i blushed "Do i really have to answer that question?"

"YEAH" They all screamed

"Okay okay........... Louis" i whispered

"Awww... i like you too" Louis said and hugged me

"Okay zayn truth or dare" i asked


"Okay i dare you to licking the window"

"Ahhhh... okay i do it!"

He walked over to the window licked it and we all laughed a lot

"Anna truth or dare?"

"Hey ask one of the others it have been my turn!"

"Ohh come on Truth or dare"

"Okay dare"

"I dare you to kiss Louis in 30 sec. or longer"

"Ahh..... okay!"

I walked over to louis and sat on his lap. i looked him in the eyes and the kissed him it was filled with passion. The boys started whistling and in that moment it was only me and him. Suddanly Harry yelled 30 sec. but we went on for a few more seconds before we pulled away and i just smiled at him. I was about to stand up to walk over to my spot in the couch but Louis pulled me back down on his lap. I just smiled at him. The boys staired at us with cheeky grins on their faces and then i blushed. Then we decited to stop the game and watch a movie instead. I still sat on Louis lap and the boys had chosen a horror movie so i just pressed myself into Louis chest wenn the scary parts went on. Louis just put his arms around me and whispered sweet things in my eares.

After we had watched some movies i looked around and saw they all were asleep and i just cuddled up with Louis and fell asleep aswell.

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