Who to choose?

Anna is 17 years old and shares an apartment in London with her best friend Emily. She has a really tough life and her boyfriend just broke up with her.
But what will haben wenn Anna and Emily goes on a trip to LA and meets the worlds hottest boyband One Direction? Will she fall in love again?
and what haben wenn more than 1 of the members of 1D confess their love for her?


2. The boyfriends

Anna´s P.O.V.

I woke up this morning with a terrible hangover i got so wasted last night. I tryed to forget... Cody just broke up with me.. I tought he was the love of my life but i was wrong. He loved somebody else.. I was crying very hard now.


Emily´s P.O.V

I just woke up wenn i heard crying i stod up and walked in to Anne´s room. She sat on the bed with her head in her hands i walked over to her and layed my arms around her. "Schhh... Babe don´t cry tell me what is wrong" i said.

 I hate to see her cry. "Cody b-b-broke u-up with m-m-me" She said. "Ohh babe it is gonna be okay he is´nt worth your tears" i said. She cryed a little les. "I wil go make you some breakfast" i said and she just nodded.

I made her some pancakes cause i know she loves it. She came out with red eyes but she didn´t cry anymore. when we were finished we sat on the couch under some blankets and watched movies all day and ate a lot of icecream.


Anna´s P.O.V.

We watched movies all day and Emily really tryed to cheer me up. and it worked. I was not as sad as before. I really love Emily she is always there for me. The next week past by really fast an i was allmost over him. But it still hurt me when i see cuples on the streets.


Emily´s P.O.V.

It has been a week since Cody broke up with Anna and she is doing mutch better now. I am going on a date with Adam to night and i am so excited he said he need to tell me something!!

9:00 pm

I am at Adams house. i knoked on the door and Adam opend it. Walked in to the living room there were candles all over the room. I sat on the couch and Adam sat down by my side. He started kissing me and then down my neck.(i´m a virgin) I put my hands through his hair his hand got up under my shirt and pulled it off... Now you can guess what habent... when i wasn´t a virgin anymore he turned around and faced me. He looked me straid in the eyes and then he said "I´m breaking up with u" i got confussed and said "you are joking right" he just shook his head. "You gotta be kidding me you just took away my virginity and then you are beraking up with me!" i was really mad now and i think my eyes was on fire cause under his hard and cold cover i could see his fear. I just put my clothes on really fast and slaped him really hard before i left and slammed the door behind me. I got home with tears streaming down my face. and i ran to my room.


Anna´s P.O.V.

I heard crying and ran to Emily´s room she sat in the corner crying.i ran over to her trying to comfort her. "He took away my virginity and then broke up with me" she said between cryes. "ohh babe i´m so sorry it is all gonna be okay" i said. We sat on the couch all day, talked, watched movies and ate a lot of icecream.

"You know what we should go on a trip, take a brake form everything" I said "That sounds greate where do you want to go?" she said "LA!" "YAY THAT SOUNDS AMAZING!!!"

We started packing cause we wanned to go as fast as we could.

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