Who to choose?

Anna is 17 years old and shares an apartment in London with her best friend Emily. She has a really tough life and her boyfriend just broke up with her.
But what will haben wenn Anna and Emily goes on a trip to LA and meets the worlds hottest boyband One Direction? Will she fall in love again?
and what haben wenn more than 1 of the members of 1D confess their love for her?


3. Ready to go

Anna´s P.O.V.

Emily and I are going on a trip to LA and i am so excited! We have been packing for a cuple of days now and we are ready to go. The flight is arriving at 3 pm.  So we have 5 hours to go. We made breakfast together and watched "Hunger games" Then we did eachothers hair and make up and it was so nice.

------ Later ------

We where now sitting on the plain ready to go. the only thing i would have changed was that i sat in th middel. Emily at the window spot and at big fat and sweaty. He smelled really bad and i was going to be sick but then he fell asleep and i used a spary on deo. then it wasn´t that bad. Emily laughed a lot but without sound but i couldent stand it he smelled so bad. We landed some hours later. We stod in front of the airport and waited for a cap. We had rented a pretty big beach house at Malibu beach. A cap came and picked us up and we headet for Malibu.

The house is so amazing there is 4 rooms 4 bathrooms and  a terrace out to the beach. Every night you can sit on the terrace and watch the sun goes down over the ocean.

We unpacked our things and went to the beach it was about 8 pm so we just walked and sticked our toes in the water. i love spending time with Emily she is so so no words can describe her she is just amazing. She is the best friend i could ever wish for. After an hour or two we got home and went to sleep.

----- The next morning-----

I woke up to the smell of pacakes Emily always wakes up befor me and she is so kind cause she makes me breakfast very often. and i love it cause she is so good at cooking and i am so bad at i. I can cook but i am bad at it. I got down stairs and found her sitting on the couch with a lot of pancakes on her plate watching fairly odd parents. She loved that show. I joined her and after son hours just relaxing we desited to go to the mall shoping some clothes and stuff.

Emily found a really beuatiful light green dress and i found a light blue dress.

Later we decited to go to the beach so we sliped on our bikinies and walked down on the beach found a great spot and spreat out our towels. We got thirsty so Emily went to buy us a drink. I just sat and watched the water wenn 5 hot guys started playing with a ball just in front of me. They lost the ball and it and it hit me right in my forehead. I fell down on my back and closed my eyes. Wenn i opend my eyes all of the guys was leaning over me.....

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