Who to choose?

Anna is 17 years old and shares an apartment in London with her best friend Emily. She has a really tough life and her boyfriend just broke up with her.
But what will haben wenn Anna and Emily goes on a trip to LA and meets the worlds hottest boyband One Direction? Will she fall in love again?
and what haben wenn more than 1 of the members of 1D confess their love for her?


5. One More Night

Anna´s P.O.V.

The next morning i woke up on the couch on the top of louis and Harry. My head and chest was on Louis´s lap and my legs was on Harry´s lap. So i had two pair of arms around me...

It felt so right and so wrong at the same time cause i think i like Louis but tere is just something about Harry. He is hot, handsome funny and sweet aswell as Louis. I really had to pee so i got up as carfully as i could so i wouldn´t wake up the boys. I wallked to the bathroom and did what i had to do and fixed my hair and stuff like that so i wasn´t looking that bad!

Wenn i came back in to the livingroom Louis and Niall was gone but i could smell something so i follwoed smell to the kitchen were they were cooking breakfast. Nice.

"Ummm it smells really good!" i said but i don´t think they heard me comming cause they turned around in surprise but they just smiled at me.

I helped finishing the cooking and wenn theh did the tabel i went in to wake up the boys in the livingroom. I think Emily and Taylor was in Emilys room but i wouldn´t dare to walk in, afraid of what i would see..

Me and the boys ate breakfast and me and Louis cleaned up while the others chose a movie. Wenn we were done cleaning we could hear the others fight about what movie we should watch.

"Come with me" Louis said and lead me out on the terrace we watched the ocean and a small wind was blowing in my hair. Louis turned to face me and was about to say something wenn Harry jumped out on the terrace. He threw me over his shoulder before I could say anything and ran inside I could not help but laugh he ran into the living room and threw me on the couch I was laughing still really hard. The other boys laughed to except from Louis.

We sat down and Watched the movie the boys had chosen and i was sitting on the couch in the middle of Louis and Harry. Like the night before.

It was almost 2 pm. wenn Emily and Taylor joined us and we watched movies the rest of the day. While eating pizza.

We invited the boys to stay one more night. and guess what they said yes!!

It was a bit late and i walked out to breath some fresh air! I was standig on the terrace watching the sun go down wenn somebody laid their arms around my waist. I just turned my head to se that it was Louis and smiled at him. He pulled me closer. We was just standing there watching the sun. Like in movies i just wanted that momet to continue. But that wasn´t the best part!!

After some minutes Louis slowly spun me around facing him he looked me straight in the eyes. OH GOSH THES BEAUTIFUL BLUE EYE!!

"Do you belive in first eye contact love?" He asked

"Yeah i think so" i said

"We have only known eachother for 2 days but it feels like i have known you in my entire life" he looked down on his feet and up at me again.

"Perhaps you think it is stupid but i have tryed to tell you this all day but this morning Harry came and... What i am trying to say is i really like you and it would make me really happy if you would honor by being my girlfrind?"


We pulled away and looked eachother in the eyes and the kissed! Just like in all the movies and fairytales!....

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