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Being physically abused by her boyfriend, Lexi decided that enough was enough. She packed her bags and fled from her tormenting past to commence a new beginning. She vowed to her self that she would never let a man into her heart again. Though it doesn't help that the shop down the road was filled with handsome looking workers, including Michael Knight the owner of the shop.

Will Michael be her happy ever after? Or will it destroy Lexi even more?


2. The place



    I had been running for hours. I was breathing rapidly and sweating buckets.  I could hardly keep my eyes open anymore. I could still feel the fear in the pit of my stomach.  I was finally free, finally away from the constant beatings but I couldn't get over the uneasy feeling, what if he finds me?  He's always hated losing things and he's always loved things going the way he's wanted. He'd definitely hate this.

I set foot on to the first bit of pavement I've seen for hours. Finally out of the forest, I felt more on edge.  Cars were whizzing down the roads beside me, and any one of those cars could be Jakes.  I grabbed my hood and lifted it over my head, hoping it would disguise me enough.

I continued to walk down the path. I passed a few shops and cafes. Most were closed considering it was early hours of the morning. The night sky was a cold vast expanse which enveloped the earth like a blanket littered with small dots of fire, it was magical.

I spotted a field in front of me so I made my way over to it and sat down on the short, green grass.  A cluster of dark clouds sat above the field, it appeared dull, but nothing could shadow the blanket of grass underneath me. Near to the bushes in the distance, it looked gray like the clouds hung above it. 

The sky was an empty space, it was infinitive. The sky always gave me peace as a child, whenever I was upset, I'd look at the sky.  I hadn't seen the sky for nearly a year. I was always isolated, I was never allowed out the house, I was never allowed anywhere but my room and the kitchen.  What sort of sick person would keep a 20 year old isolated? What sort of person would beat a 20 year old women up constantly?  I knew he had a dark past; he witnessed his mothers death and his father nearly killed him. He did it for power, he did it because he was following his fathers footsteps.

I sighed in peace. I flopped down onto the grass and gazed into the night sky. My eye lids became heavy with tiredness and fatigue. I desperately needed to sleep. 



He was here. He was making his way up to me. He wasn't walking; he was running. His face showed so much anger and hatred, his fists were clenched by the side of him. I knew what this meant, I was going to get killed. 

"Where the fuck have you been?" He screamed. I got up and stepped back slightly, I turned around and ran as fast as I could away from him. I ran the fastest I've ever ran, my lungs felt full and my legs were beginning to ache but I knew I couldn't stop. 

Suddenly, his hands landed on my waist and he dug his nails into my hips. I screamed in pain. 

"Sh now. The fastest we get this done, the better." He whispered in my ear, I shuddered in disgust.  

"I told you I'd find you. Why did you leave huh? Why!" He shouted in my ear angrily. He suddenly grasped the ends of my long hair and yanked them back. My head tilted with it.  Tears were threatening to spill.

"You will pay Lexi, you will pay." He whispered while throwing me over his shoulder and dragging me back through the forest. 


I woke up suddenly, my heart was pounding frantically in my chest. I put my hand to my chest and let out a deep breath. Thank god it was just a dream. It didn't help with the fear and uneasiness I already felt though.  

I stood up and stretched. The grass was much more comftable than the bed I used to sleep in.  I closed my eyes instantly to block out the bright light. 

"Excuse me, what are you doing here?"  A deep voice called out. I jumped and squealed in fright. I turned around quickly and came face to face with an old man.  He was wearing a plain white t-shirt which had dark stains on it, a pair of dark trousers and a cap. 

"I u-uh..." I trailed off.

"You know your not meant to be here. This is my property." He said while moving his arms around to emphasise his point. 

"I'm sorry, I'll just go now." I said while walking away quickly. I looked back but he was also making his way back to his house.  I let out a deep breath. Will I always be so jumpy? 

I stepped foot onto the warm pavement and continued to walk down the path.  My belly was rumbling, my throat was dry and the little stones on the floor would pinch in to my skin.  And I know I needed a place to stay, but I just didn't have the money.  I didn't know where I was either.  

There were plenty of shops and plenty of people around. They had families, friends and even company. I had no one. They had a house to go back to, food and nice warm water. I had nothing. I always wished that things would have turned out better, they never did and I'm sure they never will. 
Countless nights I stayed awake crying, praying and hoping that it could all be over. It never happened. Not until now but this hasn't  been the most pleasant experience either. It's better than staying with Jake, however. 

I felt a drop of cold rain bounce off my naked arm, then another, then another. In a matter of seconds the light rain drops became heavier, rapidly and freely falling from the sky uncontrollably. Suddenly, a loud roar of thunder sounded out. I quickened up my pace and decided to find a cafe to dry off in.  

The colours blue and white caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. I quickly made my way over to the cute, petty cafe.  When I opened the door the bell chimed quietly. I set foot onto the white tiled floor, it was cold on my bare feet.  I made my way over to a single seated table and sat down by the window ignoring the disgusted looks I was receiving. It didn't bother me, they didn't know me and they never will. They didn't know my life story so fool them. 

It was strange to be free. I feel like I can finally be myself. I know I'll never be the Lexi I was before, the carefree, witty, feisty and kind girl but maybe I changed for the better. I felt different now, like I had a new sense of belonging. It felt refreshing, new and exciting.  

The sound of a chair scrapping against the tiled floor brought me out of my reverie. I looked up to complain about the piercing sound but realised a chair had been moved opposite me. Seated on that chair was a petite young women with short blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. She had her work uniform on, she worked here. Why did she take a break from work just to sit by me?

"I'm sorry but I couldn't quite help but think you need help." She stated bluntly.   "I-I mean, not like that." She corrected.

"Like what then?" I asked quietly.  I just wanted to be left alone.

"Look, do you need a job? It's've got no shoes on, your clothes are dirty and you honestly look like a hobo."

"Jeez, thanks." I said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes and began gazing out of the window. She sighed and cursed under her breath obviously thinking I couldn't hear it. She suddenly grabbed my hand, my hand flew away and I clutched it tightly to my chest. It was her turn to roll her eyes.

"Give me your hand, your coming with me." She stated. I looked up to her.

"W-what?" I stuttered. Where was she taking me? I honestly didn't need this right now. I came here to dry off, have some peace and quiet and some thinking time, not to be harassed by the cafe staff.

"Your coming with me. Come on." She said while indicating me to follow her. I hesitantly got up from the wooden chair and followed her to the counter.  She disappeared in to the back room of the cafe, leaving me at the counter. I scanned the menu of the cafe, my mouth began watering and my belly started to rumble. The food sounded so delicious.

"Hey sweet cheeks, your hobo look is seriously a turn on." Someone snickered behind me. I turned around to see a group of young boys laughing uncontrollably at my expense. 

"She doesn't even have shoes on! Oh man, that's classic!" A dark haired boy shouted. His friends began laughing even louder. Just as I was about to retaliate, giving them a piece of my mind I was cut off.

"Get the hell out of here! And don't ever come back!" She shouted while emerging from the back room and pointing to the door. The boys huffed and groaned while being escorted out. Not so big now are they? I gave her a grateful smile.

"Thanks." I said.

"You know, you can trust me." I looked at her for a couple of seconds but slowly began to nod. It was hard to trust anyone but I knew I could trust her.  I think it was the sincere look she gave me, it wasn't pity or sympathy.

"Here, have this." She said while putting a piping hot cup of tea and a piece of cake on the counter.

"Oh no, I can't. I don't have money." I said while shaking my head. 

"It's on the house. Now eat." She demanded. She was a bossy little thing. I took the piece of cake and began eating it. I mentally moaned, it was heavenly. After that I took the cup of tea and sipped it.

"Now. Put the uniform on and begin working behind the counter." She demanded when I finished my snack. It was great to have food again, which was actually nice to eat.  

"Work?" I've never had the chance to work before. I don't know what to do or even know how to use most of the appliances. 

"Don't over think it, I'll help you." She said. I took the uniform from her hands and followed her into the bathroom. A boy then came out of the boys toilets drying his hands absentmindedly.

"Get to work." She said to the boy. He nodded his head slightly and made his way to the customers. 

"I forgot to get your name?" I said while opening the bathroom door and making my way inside to change.

"Oh yes!" She laughed. "I'm Brooke."

"Lexi." I replied. I took my clothes off and put the uniform on. I opened the door and examined it in the mirror. It looked ok I suppose.

"Great. Now, you will work here all week, 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening. You will get paid at the end of the month, and don't worry it's good money." She smiled. "But that's not all, you will have to be my room mate."

"Are you sure you don't mind?" I asked.

"No, I actually get lonely on my own at night. I have a feeling we'll get on great together." I nodded in agreement.  

"I'll show you around" Brooke said!.


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