The Legend Of Zelda - Time's Passed.

An ever-growing Legend Of Zelda fanfiction based just after the events of Ocarina of Time.


1. Searching.

My booted feet land with a little crunch on the dusty path as I walk. My legs are killing me.
Giving up, I pull my glossy blue ocarina from my pocket and put it to my lips, the cold ceramic shocking my skin. I play a simple, 3-note tune - Sun's Song - and the darkness around me lifts, enveloping me in torrents of sunlight. Keeping the instrument to my mouth, I summon Epona with a similar sounding song.
The steady beat of hooves pounds towards me and my auburn horse pulls up at my side. Sliding onto her back, I keep one hand in her mane, and one hand on my bow - you never know when someone might attack.
Epona launches into a rhythmic gallop across Hyrule Field. I direct her through the grass, beyond the trees, and jump her over the spiked metal fence, towards the lake. 
My horse halts before the ground gets steep, revealing a beautiful view of the majestic Lake Hylia. Slowly, I dismount and walk towards the water. Epona trots off with a little neigh.
When I hit the cool water, I pull heavy iron plates onto the soles of my boots and scramble to pull an oversized blue tunic over my green one. Equipped with my Zora Scale, I gradually drop to the lake's bed. There. It's there. The gateway. She'll be there. I know it.

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