The Legend Of Zelda - Time's Passed.

An ever-growing Legend Of Zelda fanfiction based just after the events of Ocarina of Time.


3. Newfound Enemies.

"But, Zelda!" Ruto exclaims. "He saved Hyrule! He deserves some respect!"
Zelda pauses for a second, thinking.
"Tell me this, then, fish girl." she enunciates each word as if we're stupid. "If he saved Hyrule, then why the hell am I sat here in a bloody Sheikah suit, with nowhere else safe to go? Why can't I go back home, because of all the ReDeads that haunt my town? Why is your domain frozen solid? Why is Link not accepted in his own little village? Hmm?"
I'm shocked at her outburst. How dare she bring Kokiri Forest into this?
"The only reason I don't live there anymore is because I'm not a Kokiri!" I argue. "I'm a Hylian! To them, Link is a green-hatted little kid - they don't recognise the adult me!"
"I'm sure they do." Zelda speaks calmly, slyly. "They must recognise you. You look exactly the same, for God's sake! It must be that they don't trust you, they never did. They've always hated you. They don't want to accept you back into the forest, so they're acting ignorant!" 
I'm speechless for a few seconds.
"But Saria-" 
"When did you last see Saria? When did anyone last see Saria?" 
Her point stuns me into silence. Ever since Saria revealed that she was a Sage, nobody's seen her. My lack of speech tells Zelda my answer.
"Exactly. Where's your precious Saria to save you now, elf boy?"
I don't like the new Zelda. Not at all. I liked child Zelda - bubbly, kind Zelda.
I draw my sword slowly, the water making the blade shimmer. I look at Ruto. She nods then dashes off, back the way she came. I don't blame her.
"Bring it on." Zelda grins evilly, readying her weapon. A bow. She pulls an arrow from my own quiver, moving so fast that I can't even stop her.
"You're gonna need more than that." I scoff.
"Doubt it." 
Zelda dodges past me, through the deepening pools of water. She moves surprisingly quick, her Sheikah jumpsuit keeping her feet on the ground. I sling my sword back in my belt and load my own bow, running towards Zelda. I aim and miss a couple of times before realising that attacking is pointless until we reach solid land. 
Zelda leaps onto an iceberg, hot stepping across each one. Her jumps are slightly dancy, like she's showing off to me. I'm only a couple of metres behind her, so I reach the dry patch outside Zora's Domain only a few seconds after she does.
Zelda pulls back the string of her bow, her aim following me as I move. I mimic her actions, trying to unnerve her. Then, suddenly, she shoots, the arrow missing my head by a couple of measly centimetres. With skill, I catch it between my fingers. 
"Nice try, Princess." I laugh, running into Zora's domain.

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