The Legend Of Zelda - Time's Passed.

An ever-growing Legend Of Zelda fanfiction based just after the events of Ocarina of Time.


2. Chilled To The Bone.

I pull myself out of the water and onto the tiled side. My violet hookshot helps pull me to the other side. I can sense her. Close.
Following the path that my instincts lead me through, I edge round corners and plunge into separate little pools of water that vary in depth. The water's slowing me down, but eventually I find the room, the clearing.
She's here, examining the empty chest in the centre of the floor. Princess Ruto. 
Without a word, she looks up at me and grabs my hand. She puts the long webbed fingers of her other hand over my eyes and I feel the water fade away. 
When Ruto allows me to see again, we're in Zora's Domain. Everything is different, yet the same, in a weird sort of way. The last time I was here, I was a kid, only about 12 years old. And now... Everything has frozen over. I let out a little shiver.
"I... Oh my..." 
"I know." Ruto looks at me sadly. Her hand still in mine, she pulls me up several flights of rocky stairs, to where her frozen father lies.
However, to my surprise, Ruto pulls me past King Zora and into Zora's Fountain.
Most of the ice is melted there, but little bergs float around, especially where Jabu Jabu used to reside. Ruto dives under the surface of the cold water, me following. She leads me to an underwater canyon, though a labyrinth of corridors. 
I'm beginning to regret my ignorance of Zora's Domain - I've hardly ever been here,so I've never visited this area. I don't know what lies in wait.
Ruto's still only said a couple of words to me.
She pushes me gently into a room at the end of the corridor. It's small, but it's emptiness and varying levels make it appear more spacious than it is. Empty, apart from one thing. A petite, blonde-haired girl sitting cross-legged at the highest part of the room, the part that hasn't been reached by water. She's wearing clothes of a Sheikah and reading a book.
She looks up, alarmed, when me and Ruto walk in. I swear her eyes droop sadly for a second before they grow angry. 
"Ruto, I told you, I have nothing to say to him!"
Zelda leaps down into the pool of shallow-ish water that just about comes to the top of her short legs.
"Get out." she snaps to me.
"But..." I stammer. "I... I just..."
Zelda pulls her thick hair away from her delicate face, acting bored.
"Either get it over with," she rolls her eyes. "Or get lost."

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