my boyfriend liam

this is my first movella so plz no hate

this is about a girl named jennifer who falls for liam and he falls for her but something happens and the truth comes out about her bestfriend read it to find out more xox please read


40. will you?

Jennifer P.O.V

so niall want to see me i wonder why? "li im going to call nialler and see what he wants" i called *call*

"Hey nialler whats up?" i asked 

"hey jen i need to talk to you will you come over to mine?" he asked

"ye sure give me a half hour" i said but it sound more of a qustion

"ye grand see you then" he said and hung up

*end of call*

i ran upstairs and got changed into sweats and a jumper and my hair was curly so i put it up in a high pony redid my makeup and got my pink vans and my bag. "lili im going to nialls for a while ill be home in a hour or so" i called out "will i make a pizza for you or anything?" liam asked "uhh ya whatever your having see you later babe" i said about to walk out of the house then liam ran down in just sweats and shirt-less cause he was just out of the shower "bye babe" he said when he kissed me "bye" i said i still get butterflies when he kissed me and when he walked down the stairs shirt-less i was about to faint. anyway back to the point i texted niall *text*

J: hey coming now :) x

N: k c u in a while :)


i was in the car and start to drive off i was at his house in 10 minutes. i got out of my car and went to his door and knocked. he answered it and said "come in jen i need to ask you something" with a big smile "ok? what is it?" i said smiling "go to the living room and ill make tea?" he said "ok " "2 sugars and a bit of milk?" he asked "yep" i said with a pop at the p 

*5 minutes later*

"thanks niall what do you want to ask me?" i asked i was really curious "oh well my mum and our dad want to meet you and my brother Greg in ireland do you want to go with me to meet them?" he said "uhh yes yes yes i would love to niall!" i said smiling  "when are we going?" i asked still smiling "tomorrow night?" niall said "wow short notice and how long will we be there?" i asked "uh a week?" niall said looking sad he knew i would miss liam "oh ok well i could skype liam and message him and call him niall " i said trying to smile but i was going to miss him this will be the first time in almost 4 months i will wont see him but i have to meet my family im sure he will understand "well niall i'll have to go now ill see you tomorrow?" i said hugging him "ok see you later jen" he said retuning my hug "byyyeeeee" i said walking out "bye" he said laughing.

I got in my car and thought how liam will take this news!  

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