my boyfriend liam

this is my first movella so plz no hate

this is about a girl named jennifer who falls for liam and he falls for her but something happens and the truth comes out about her bestfriend read it to find out more xox please read


42. wake up

Nialls P.O.V.

"jen wake up we are here !" i said shaking her gently "oh sorry did i fall asleep?" she said a bit embarrassed "ha ya but dont get embarrassed over it come on m-our family is waiting to see us" i siad smiling "o-ok" she said still asleep

we got everything and i seen our family "hey niall is that them" jen asked "yep thats them" i said smiling. we both ran over to them i hugged mum and she hugged dad i could hear them whispering about something but i didnt take any notice then i want to my dad to hug him and jen went to mum to say hey to mum

Jens P.O.V

when i meat my dad i was so happy i hugged him and he said to me "jennifer if i knew you were alive i swear you would of been in my life everyday im so sorry" he said "i-its ok anyway things happen for a reason right" i said smiling and crying with joy " dad i missed you" i said " i missed you too " he said smiling. niall went over and hugged him while i want over to maura "hello maura im jennifer" i said about shaking her hand "nono dear you call me mam ok?" she said "o-ok but your not my real mum" i said "well dear your real mum passed so if you want you can call me mum or mam" she said pulling me in to a hug "ok then if i call you mum can you call me jen?" i said "of course jen" she said then i meet Greg "hey greg im jennifer but call me jen" i said "hi jen im greg im your long lost brother" he said laughing and hugging me "wow you and your family love hugging people" i said laughing he laughed aswell "so shell we go to mullingar now" niall asked "yes do you want to go out for a chinese later?" mum said "yes" me and niall said at the same time "are you like niall eat and eat and never gain" dad laughed "yes i am i love food" i said smiling 


*2 hours later* 

"JEN WE'RE HOME!" dad said "oh i feel asleep again crap" i said waking up i got out of the car and got my bags "here let me hold them jen" greg said "no its ok" i said smiling "let me its only to the door" greg said "oh ok" i said laughing i need to text lili *text*

J:SORRY LILI :'( im fine i forgot to text you there was so much going on <3 still love ya tho :) x

L: OH jen its ok xx love ya to x<3

J: i need to get ready we are going out to dinner at 9 so i will skype u at 11 ? x

L: i ll be waiting and enjoy love you and miss you x 

J: ok miss you and love you too xx


i wore a black dress and some black  heels and curled my hair and did my makeup i was done in a hour and it was 10 to 9 "jen you ready" niall said "yep coming now" . we got a cab and drove off to the restaurant i have been her before and i love this town ( really do been here alot and my couisn lives down here and my best friend brother and sisters were born here :o true) we got our seats i got our menu........... 

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