my boyfriend liam

this is my first movella so plz no hate

this is about a girl named jennifer who falls for liam and he falls for her but something happens and the truth comes out about her bestfriend read it to find out more xox please read


6. the date

Jennifer's P.O.V 

Liam popped his head in to see if i was ready. i told him i would be 2 minutes "will i help you?" Liam asked "oh ye please can you just pick the rubbish up of the ground while i run in and count this money" "sure thing love" said Liam. i cant believe this is happening to me.

* 5 minutes later*

" are you ready to go ?" Liam asked as i locked the door and pulled the shutter down " yep are you ?" i asked "ye lets go before people notice its me"

*in the car* (l is liam and j is me)

L: so where do you live ?

J: i live in a flat down the road from here

L: do you have a car

J: ye but emily my roommate took it for her and her boyfriend

L: ok whats you address

J: it is 3454 street 17 apartment block b

L:ok i will remember that when i collect you at 7:00 ?

J: ye fine see you then. thanks for the ride

L: no problem


Liam's P.O.V

oh my gosh i think i found the girl of my dreams! i better get going i need to get ready as well!


Jennifer's P.O.V

after my shower. Oh what will i were *looking threw here closet* "AH found it" i said   to myself it was a short white dress it had a cream belt on it i put if on  and then got my sliver heels on i went in to the bathroom and did my make-up i had a light foundation  on and i put on pink lip-gloss i got my purse and checked my phone it was 6:50 i thought to myself that i should text Liam im ready so i did


J: Hi im ready

L: i will be there in 10 :) cant wait to see you

J: THANK YOU and i cant wait to see you :) <3

Liam's P.O.V

"OK she is ready see you guys later" i said "GOOD LUCK" the boys said together

i was wearing chinos and a top. i get to my car a put the engine on it was 6:55 i should start going i reversed everything in my head i wanted this night to be perfect! *text*

L: Hey babe im here x

J: k ill be out in a minute im just locking up x

OH my gosh she came out of her entrance and looked amazing with her dress and makeup and her hair was all curly.

"Hey Liam " she said smiling

" Hi Jennifer  you look amazing " I said looking in her beautiful green eyes

" oh thank you Liam you not so bad yourself" she said laughing and hugged me sparks went everywhere 

" no problem"i said   still looking in her eyes

" so where we going ?" she asked smiling god her smile sent butterflies to my stomach 

" you will have to wait and see" i said laughing

"ohhh ok " she said smiling 

* 20 minutes later * 

i told her we where here she looked around staring at the hotel "is this the place" she said getting very hyper " yes do you like it ?" i asked smiling " do i like it? I LOVE IT i want to come here all my life. thank you so much " as she hugged me i felt sparks again i think Jennifer is a keeper . I got to know Jennifer more like she has a pet dog named marley and he is a black Labrador and she is studying to be a make-up artist so me being me said " will you do my make-up when you finish collage ?" she laughed and said " i would love to be now i have a job and everthing now and i haven't even finished" she joked we ordered our meal i had steak and she had pork-chops. and she told me that she loved my band one direction and she was seeing us on Wednesday i asked her where she was sitting and she said she was at the back. But she was so happy. we have a few thing in common we don't drink or smoke   and we love dogs and Jennifer favorite color is purple just like me.


Jennifer's P.O.V

we have so much in common an he is a really good listener but after the night was done we got the bill and Liam asked me to be his girlfriend  i said yes and gave him a BIG hug and he hugged me back i was so happy and i think he was aswell.

Liam's P.O.V

She said yes i have Finley have  a girl of my dreams . it was only 9:00 so i asked jennifer back to mine and she said i would love to.

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