my boyfriend liam

this is my first movella so plz no hate

this is about a girl named jennifer who falls for liam and he falls for her but something happens and the truth comes out about her bestfriend read it to find out more xox please read


39. meeting "uncle si"

jennifers P.O.V

"we're here!" liam said smiling "yay but liam im nervous" i said smiled/worried look on my face "he will love you anyway your my princess" liam said kissing my cheek " oh my gosh liam your so cheesy" i said laughing "i know one of my talents. come lets go meet si" liam said laughing he held my hand as i got out of the car. 

*knock knock*

simon aswered " hello liam oh you most be the famous jennifer or jen as liam calls you nice to meet you" he said holding out his hand for me to shake it "ha thanks" i said a bit red "well come in" he said as he let us in "holy cow this place is huge !" i said as my eyes were wide open they both laughed and liam said "bigger then ours?" he asked joking "well bigger li" i said laughing still amazed. "so jen tell me about yourself" simon said "well my name is jennifer clarke byrne well i that is my step-mothers name my real name is jennifer horen im nialls sister i only found out 2 or 3 weeks ago and im 19 turning 20 in 4 days im from dublin and im a makeup artist" i said "oh yes liams been telling me for a couple weeks now and you and niall are related?"  he said laughing and then being serious "mm ye me and niall share the same dad but his dad only found out that i was his child the same time as me" i said "oh well you know the press is going to be all over this story so its up to you and niall to come out with it and your dad and the family..take your time though" he said 


*4 hours later*

"bye si thanks again" me and liam said "bye nice meeting you jennifer" he said  "you too" i said smiling. me and liam got in the car "so do you think si is nicer then the press put him?" liam said smiling while starting the engine "ye really nice liam im just going to text el and tell her everything is fine" i asked "ye babe sure"  he smiled pulling the car out of the big gates *text*

J: hey everything went fine he really is nicer than i thought :D x

el texted back like 5 seconds later

E: hey that good c i told you that he would like you :) did you tell him about niall and you? :P

J: ye he said i could tell the world with him and the family :)

E: thats great talk later got to go and get my makeup done for the photoshoot :) xx

J: KK c you later x:)

*end of text*

"so what were you texting about if you dont mind me asking?" liam said "oh just saying everything went well" i said smiling "oh nialler wants to talk to you tonight so he is coming over is that alright?" liam asked "ye fine" i said smiling. then my song came on the radio "oh i love this song " i said turning up the nob it was still the one i started to sing and when it finished Liams mouth was in a O shape "what?" i said "y-you aare a amazing at s-sing" liam said "oh thanks?" i said more of a question i laughed "im not that good li" i said "yes you are jen" he siad. we ended the conversion i went in to the house. 

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