my boyfriend liam

this is my first movella so plz no hate

this is about a girl named jennifer who falls for liam and he falls for her but something happens and the truth comes out about her bestfriend read it to find out more xox please read


53. meeting the paynes

Jen's P.O.V

Today is friday and i meeting liams family im very nervous about it but liam said i will be fine so im trusting him 


"jen you ready" liam said "yep" i yelled as i closed the suit case. I ran down the stairs. "Do you want to run in to McDonalds and get cafe and a muffin because you didnt have any breakfast ?" liam asked "ya " i said we pulled in to mcdonalds and order them to go. we were on the main road and liam turned up the music. I started to sing and kinda dance in the car and liam was there "what?" i said "noting" he said with his big smile i love that smile so much. we were at there house in 2 hours (i dont no how long it tAKES) "WERE HERE" liam said pulling in to the house we got out and his mum was up like a light when the bell rang i wont blame her not seen her son for a while i would be like that to! "mum" liam said hugging her it last a minute or two i felt awkward while they hug "mum this is jennifer" liam said pointing to me "hello love im Karen " she said pulling me in a hug. "mum where is nicola and ruth " liam said "oh there gone shopping they dont know your here" she said with a big smile then a dog came running out "hello brit who's a good boy" liam said rubbing the Labrador "oh this must be brit liam talks about" karen started to laugh "did i say that out loud  ?" i said a bit embarrassed "yes love you did come on ill show you to your room" karen said me and liam followed her upstairs we were lead into a teenage boys room but a tidy one."nice room liam" i said he went a bright red "come on liam" i said as i picked up a woody doll off his bed "shut up " he said taken it and laughing "lets go before you find something you will hold against me for my life" he said laughing "whats that suppose to mean?" i said "noting come on are you hungry?" "ye" i said going out of his room


Liam's P.O.V

im so embarrassed my mum got that woody doll out of the attic and knowing her she got the little costume as well from when i  was 4 or 5. we went down stairs and my mum had tea ready "so did you see liam's woody doll and c-" "mum " i said "oh sorry" she said laughing a bit the same for jen "when will ruth and nicola be home i want to show jen around before we go out for dinner" i asked "oh ill call them to come home" my mum said with that she rang them


*10 minutes later*

"MUM why did you want us to co-" "LIAM" they yelled running over to me and hugging me "hi kinda cant breath " i said  jen was there laughing at how i was getting squashed. they finally got off me "girls this is jennifer" i said hugging her "hi jennifer" ruth said smiling "hey" she said

"Go up a get ready for dinner" i said to jennifer. "OK "     

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