my boyfriend liam

this is my first movella so plz no hate

this is about a girl named jennifer who falls for liam and he falls for her but something happens and the truth comes out about her bestfriend read it to find out more xox please read


43. look who it is my night ruined

Jen's P.O.V

we ordered our food and it was coming i got spring rolls and soup and prown toast. " so jen tell us about yourself" mum said "well i was adoped and i am 19 years old my birthday is the day i going back to london and i have a boyfriend named liam im best friends with one direction and i lived in dublin  all my life" i said smiling "well thats nice and your boyfriend is liam payne right?" mum asked "yes my love of my life" i said smiling "if he brakes your heart i will brake his face" dad said "ah dad they only been dating 4 months and he is my best mate?" niall said laughing "and....." dad said "he wont" i said. 

*1 hour later*

"so who want cake or something?" greg asked "me" me and niall said we both looked at eachother and laughed "ok" greg said "sorry i just need to pop in to the little girls room ill be back in a minute" i said smiling and walked out to the bathroom i did my business and then guess who i bumped in to "oh sorry silly me" i said and i looked up "oh you what are you doing here?" i said as my voice got annoyed "not even a hello" she said "no emily not after what you did. did you miss me so much that you had to follow me down to a small town" i said laughing at her sadness "no sorry to hurt you but i am on a date " she said "oh is he blind?" i said "no he is not blind jen " "dont dare call me that you mean noting to me so emily get lost" i said pushing past her she blocked me getting throw "move " i said flat "ah no" "ah ye" i said trying to push past her then she punched me in the face "what the fuck was that for " i said trying not to cry "its a welcome home present " she said smiling evil "get of me " i said she punched me and i fell to the floor and then she kicked me i cried in pain she said horrible thing to me i never had a fight befor but today was the day i dont take shit from no one not even her i got up and said "hey bitch i forgot to say hi to both your faces sorry for being rude you twofaced bitch " i said and throw a punch appealingly my punchs hurt her face was already swolling i walked out and then when to the table limping "guys im going home" i said trying not to cry i one is cause my body hurt so much and two was i just was in a fight "what the fuck happend jen?" niall said "noting just can someone bring me home" i said now in tears everyone want home and it was silent i broke the silents "what time is it?" i asked "its half 10 love" dad said "oh ok im going to get cleaned up and then im going to skype lili when i finish getting dress"  we got in and i ran upstairs i washed the blood of my face and ran in and skyped liam

"hey j- what happend " liam said as his smile faded in to a frown

"li-liam...." i broke in to tears and told him everything 

"jen i going over to ireland i will see you in the morning " liam said 

"liam you do-" i got cut of by him 

" see you soon love you lots babe" he said as he hung up .........



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