my boyfriend liam

this is my first movella so plz no hate

this is about a girl named jennifer who falls for liam and he falls for her but something happens and the truth comes out about her bestfriend read it to find out more xox please read


26. London

Jennifer's P.O.V

I was getting ready to go to London. Liam and niall left a month ago and after the day out with liam shopping i have no space for anymore clothes. And em was going to get a dorm with one of her collage friends i'll miss her she is part of me.  we had everything packed the apartment looked like it did on the first day we moved here "ready em" i said it was so sad moving out this place meant alot to me and emily "ye just give me a minute" she said walking out of her room with all her boxes "ok so are you coming airport with me?" i said trying to hold my tears back "ye jen dont cry please you know it will make me cry" she said laughing abit i laughed as well "well bye old house gonna miss ya" i said walking away into emilys car " ok you ready ?" she said smiling "ye lets goo" i said while we both laughed 

*30 minutes later* 

"well this is the last time i see you for a while jen" em said " i know but we have massaging and skype i promise ill see you soon" i said now crying "oh im going to miss you" she said hugging me i hugged her back "well i better go i'll tell niall you said hi" i said smiling "ok bye cant wait to see you again"she said smiling 


Emily's P.O.V

im going to miss jen so much she is my best friend and i love her to pieces (friendly way) *text*
J:I will tell you when im over in london! xox :) cant wait

E: Ok enjoy yourself be safe haha xox ;)


Jennifer's P.O.V.

i laughed at her massage she always finds a way to make you laugh that when im going to miss her most 


J:hey liam im getting on plane now cant wait to see you ;) xx

L: hey babe miss you to see you soon ill be waiting at the gate you are at xox :)

"sorry ma'am all cell phones off while we are on the plane thank you" a woman said "oh sorry ill turn it off now" i lied im not turning it of im listening to my music. for the next 1/2 an hour i was looking at the pictures of me and liam i miss him so much and i havent seen zayn,harry or louis in awhile either and i think im meeting there girlfriends today or tomorrow. oh i cant wait. "please can everyone put there seatbelts on we are about to land. after about 10 minutes i got off the plane i was after texting liam and em at the same time i was to lazy to text them both each *text*


Liam text back first 

L:ok babe see you in 5 xox

then emily 

E: GOOD LUCK love ya see ya soon xox


Liam's P.O.V

I cant wait to see jen. all the boys came aswell to see her we waited about 10 minutes and then i seen her i ran over as she ran we both hugged eachother "i missed you liam" "i missed you to jen but you will see alot more of me and the boys oh and there here" "what there here" she said smiling she was happy she didnt see them in a while after we hugged she ran over to them and they had i group hug i waked over to her and got some of her bags we held hands and i kissed her on the cheeck and she blushed and kissed me back "so where are we going" she said "back to mine then we will unpack you stuff and then us and the boys and there girlfriends will go for something to eat" i said " sounds good" she said smiling as we got in niall car "oh niall emily said that she miss you and she will see you soon " she said "ok ill text her and tell her that you told me" niall said


Jennifer's P.O.V

We pulled up to lia- our house and the first thing i said was " holy flip this place is huge liam i knew it would of been big but not this big" "haha so you like it them" liam said smiling "i love it" we got our stuff from nialls car and said goodbye to him and see them tonight. 

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