my boyfriend liam

this is my first movella so plz no hate

this is about a girl named jennifer who falls for liam and he falls for her but something happens and the truth comes out about her bestfriend read it to find out more xox please read


7. liams hotel room

Jennifer's P.O.V 

we went in to Liams hotel room. " Oh my gosh Liam this place is huge" i said amazed at the size  of the room well penthouse. Liam just laughs " hey do you want a drink?" liam asked smiling " ye please what is there?" i said hoping i didn't sound rude." there is coke 7 up orange and water " liam said still smiling "oh ill have a........... 7 up please" "sure thing babe" he smiled an winked while getting it. " Im just going bathroom where is it?" i asked "oh it to you left love" liam said i smiled a walked off after doing my business i went to wash my hands  while i washed them i was thinking " WOW Liam Payne picked me out of 4 billion girls who love him. " Jennifer are you ok?" he said knocking on the door "ye i fine just fixing my hair" "ok ill be in the sitting room it you need me " he said walking away. *2 hour later*

"Oh gosh its already 11:00 i should really go liam i said sad  " Babe you can stay in my room i will sleep on the couch!" Liam said i think he wants me to stay "i cant do that on you tho" i said " its fine i promise" liam said sounding happy "hmm.....ok seen as i dont have collage or work tomorrow ill just text emily" i said smiling but before i could i was hugged by liam saying " YAY" like a big kid i laughed and so did he i took out my iphone and text emily *text*

J: hey em im staying with a friend tonight x

E: ok who is it ? x

J: its my friend ill tell you tomorrow bye xx

E: oh ok see you later x

"what did she say ?" liam asked "she said fine " i said smiling  

" do you want to watch a movie" liam asked " ye sure what one??"

" Toy story ?" liam said smiling "ye i love them movies" i said 

Liam's P.O.V

"She likes toy story to wow she is a keeper"i said smiling to myself. *puts in movie* do you want a blanket jen if you don't mind me calling you that?" i said smiling and going to get them " ye sure and liam you call me jen if you want " she smiled and i blushed a bit well ok i blushed a lot.

I got the covers and put them over us and she smiled and then i put my arm around her.

Jennifer's P.O.V

Wow he is so strong i feel butterflies going around my stomach.

Liam's P.O.V

after the movie had ended she was asleep in my arms. wow she is so cute sleeping.


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