my boyfriend liam

this is my first movella so plz no hate

this is about a girl named jennifer who falls for liam and he falls for her but something happens and the truth comes out about her bestfriend read it to find out more xox please read


48. happy late birthday

Jen's P.O.V

as you know i was in hospital for my 20th birthday i know sucks right but my amazing friends are bring me out for dinner for my birthday instead if you want to know they didnt even give me my presents but what can you do. And im all better now turn out all i had was a sprained arm and ankle so at least that  i got off being in a cast for weeks.


*getting ready* 

The girls came over the got me a dress to wear tonight it was beautiful it was knee high and it was creamish pink and it had mini diamonds on the waist and i had silver shoes (they got me silver flats just in-case ) and a silver purse. i put them on and the girls hired a hair-stylites and makeup artist "girls i hope this is my present this must of cost a lot !" i said still happy as anything "no silly this is just a treat from us to you" perrie said laughing as the hair-styled did her hair "you dont have two" i said "yes we do now come on enjoy it" el said "ok" i said laughing i love those girls



we went to the limo yes limo they ordered it for my birthday and we went to the what i thought we where going for something to eat but nope not these guys they brought me to a club "guys you didnt have to do this" i said "nope we do after everything you have been though? " liam said . We walked in and  the lights we're very dem then out of nowhere "Happy birthday jen!" everyone shouted i was really happy "guys 2 things ow thank you so much you are my best friends i love you and 2 a private room!" i shouted over the music being to loud "surprise?" they said "oh we have something else for you too" they said "what is it?" "we are going to perform" harry said smiling "oh guys you dont have to" i said smiling "yes we do we are on in about a half hour, oh and your presents are over at the back and your new family is here and my family if thats ok?" liam said "oh liam thats fine i need to meet your family anyway" i said hugging him "well i will bring you over later and we will be staying at there house for the weekend and i have all you stuff packed oh and si is here aswell" liam said and then ran off into the crowed. i went and greeted all my friends and family but guess who was there ! it was my second favorite singer Bastille (if you dont know him look him up he is amazing !) and me being me "omg y-your bastille i love you your s-songs are amazing thanks for coming to m-my p-party" i said starstruck my the fact he came "no problem jen if you dont mind me calling you that" he said laughing "n-no its fine, can i have a picture with you?" i said "haha yep you can" he said we smiled for the camera and then you wont believe this he asked for my number "yes yes its ******** and yours?" i asked "oh its ******** nice meeting you" he said and then walked to get a drink a looked up and then someone said my name "yes" i said as i turned my back "hey im justin nice to meet you" he said "holy crap !" i said as i seen him he just laughed "sorry nice to meet you to justin your music is amazing by the way" we had a talk got a photo took eachothers numbers and went off.

"hey babe" i said as i hugged liam "hey you enjoying yourself?" he said kissing me on the lips "yes you didnt tell be you invited all my favorite singers " i said laughing "oh sorry must of forgot hey were going on stage now so come on you have to come up to" he said holding my hand and going up to the stage


"hello guys thanks for coming to my amazing girlfriends party " liam said "and friend" lou said "ye" liam said "jen we have a surprise for you but first you have to sing" liam said smiling as he handed me the microphone "liam im going to kill you" i whispered "its worth it though" he said grinning. i sang a everyone thought i was "amazing" ya right "we want more we want more" they all shouted "fine but im doing it with el and perrie and the boys get up " i said smiling




HI guys im not getting very much likes or favs please can you comment what you think because i feel like im wasting my time writhing this if no one will like or fav it thanks xox :)           

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