my boyfriend liam

this is my first movella so plz no hate

this is about a girl named jennifer who falls for liam and he falls for her but something happens and the truth comes out about her bestfriend read it to find out more xox please read


38. getting ready to meet simon

jens P.O.V

well everyone took that well thank god. "Jen can i talk to you in private" liam said "ye sure.. one minute perrie" i said while walking out to the hall way  "whats up babez" i said smiling "si wants to meet you we have been together 3 months" liam said "ok fine " i said smiling (if you are wondering Simon was in the usa and only came back yesterday) "when will i meet him?" i said "oh tomorrow about 12 ish?" liam said "ok while then better not stay up all night then " i said laughing liam laughed aswell and we walked back into the sitting room. 

"So does it feel wired knowing that all your life that one of you idols.. while now one of your best friends is your brother" perrie said laughing "ye so wired but ill get used to it" i said laughing "so.... are you and emily talking or still.." perrie said "no i would rather not talk to the two faced bitch " i said trying to be sassy but it failed and me and perrie both laughed at my failure.

* 11:00*

"GUYS im going to go to bed i will have to be up early tomorrow " i said smiling "bye" everyone said at the same time "creeps... only messin night guys" i said laughing.


*next morning*

I woke up around 8:45 i got up and got in the shower. Liam was still asleep i dont think he will make much of an afferd cause Simon it like an uncle to the boys. i was in the shower for about 1/2 an hour i was worried about what he would think of me like im meeting simon. i got in to a pair of  navy jeans and a cropped t-shirt that had "believe" on it with my black all stars. i curled my hair and put a black bow in my hair and i did my make up i got my little black purse. it was already 9:50 "LIAM GET YO LAZY ASS UP"  i said laughing he let out a little laugh and got out of bed "what times it" he said in a sexy sleepy voice "it 10 to 10 " i said smiling "oh ill be ready in 5 we are leaving at half his house is a bit far" he said while putting on pants "k im going down to make toast and tea want any?" i said walking down the stairs "ye please " he said i went down to put on the toast and el called me *call*

"ELLO" i said

"Hi someone sounds happy" she said laughing

"yep and scared " i said putting on the kettle

"oh jen he is actually really nice he will love you" she said giggling

"oh ok but if he doesnt than you get it " i said laughing

"nooo im not.. well good luck babe " el said

"hopefully i have to go come over later and i ll tell ya everything byeeeee" i said

"byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" she said

*end of call*








hi guys i cant belive i have 10 favorites and 6 likes and 228 READS !!  i no i might not be alot to you but its a hell of a lot to me and i just want to say thanks guys means alot but will you guys please tell your friends or somethin and tell be what you think  and im doing a comp for nialls and harrys girlfriends details are below






and thats it thanks reading good luck i will choice the winner on friday or saturday !!! GOOD LUCK guys :) love you xx

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