my boyfriend liam

this is my first movella so plz no hate

this is about a girl named jennifer who falls for liam and he falls for her but something happens and the truth comes out about her bestfriend read it to find out more xox please read


33. fine i wont be friends

Jennifers P.O.V.

It was friday morning and it has been 4 amazing months that me and liam been together plus its my birthday next week finally turning 20 yay i cant wait. Anyway i woke up at 10:40 and liam must of been already up cause he wasnt in the bed so i decide to get up i got dressed and ready for the day. the girls where coming over at 4:30 so we are getting ready to go to the awards i cant wait for it tonight!. i grabbed my phone and went down stairs to find liam cooking. he was making boiled eggs and toast. he already knew how i liked my eggs. i kissed him good morning   and went to sit on a chair by the breakfast bar. i texted el *text*

J: hello el are you still going to get ready at mine x :)

E: yep is it alright if lou and the boys get ready at yous to ? :) x


"liam do you want the boys to get ready here ?" i said "ye i dont mind do yo?" he asked i love how he always thinks of me first "ye i dont care" i said smiling "ok" he said *text*


J: ye we dont mind x:)

E: k i will tell lou.. so your turning 20 next week :D what are you doing ?

J: I dont really know prob have a small party with you and perrie and the boys oh and my friend from ireland :* 

E: kk and cant wait to meet her x 

J: either can she.. i have to go eat my breakfast that my lovely liam made me bye :)

E: byee enjoy :)

*end of text*

"thanks babe" i said hugging him "for what" he said smiling "everything i love you" i said smiling "oh dont thank me and i love you to" he said "i putting the breakfast you made me on twitter" i said laughing while putting my camera on *click* " done now it going to be on twitter in seconds" i said laughing liam was laughing to "@jennifer453323 my lovely breakfast liam made me thank you babe :* @real_liam_payne" " and send" i said laughing and started to eat my breakfast.

*30 minutes later*

i was getting a call from em *call

J: Hello em i missed you so much 

Em: "hi jennifer i need to ask you something "she said angryly 

J: What is it 

Em: how come you never call and dont say that you busy i seen all the photos of you and eleanor and perrie!

J: Im so sorry em i didnt have time and i have been busy it been 1 mouth since i moved in and im still getting to know this place so what if i have new friends! 

Em: dont sorry me jen you didnt even massage me



J: go away emily i dont need you to ruin my morning

Em: fine i wont and do you know what you dont have to ever worry about me again we're not going to be friends anymore it seems like you got the life all ready! BYE YOU STUCK UP BITCH 

*ended call*

I broke down in to tears "babe whats wrong" liam said running over to me "e-em-emily s-she said that i c-could forget about her in my life s-she doesnt want to be my b-best f-fr-friend anymore she said that i-im just a stuck up bitch" i said roaring crying "she's not worth you're tears babe" liam said "but she was my best friend" i said sobbing "its ok you have el and perrie and me and the boys plus i think niall broke up with her he was seeing the real side of her" liam said trying to clear up my tears. "what real side?" i asked still crying but not as hard " the side that  was on the phone to you jen thrust me she is not worth your tears" liam said hugging me and then trying to make me laugh it worked well by the end i was laughing so much it hurt my ribs! i love liam so much.


Liams P.O.V

Wow that was so mean of emliy to do that on jen and then saying that she changed in to a rich snob! im very annoyed at her right now. but a least jen has us her REAL friends plus her boyfriend. 

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