my boyfriend liam

this is my first movella so plz no hate

this is about a girl named jennifer who falls for liam and he falls for her but something happens and the truth comes out about her bestfriend read it to find out more xox please read


37. Breaking the news to everyone

Jennifer's P.O.V 
"I'll tell everyone  on my birthday next week and I will tell Niall tonight or tomorrow" I said trying to smile "ok but how are you his sister?" Liam asked confused "well my dad who is bobby cheated on his mum and bobby didnt know about my mum having me and when I was a baby I was put up for adopting and then I was adopted when I was there for about 2 weeks" I said "but I only found out 2 weeks ago" I said trying not to cry.

*back home* 
The ride was fast and I was really upset about telling Liam and I was really worried about Nialls reaction. His dad already knew about it the same time I did. " Liam I'm going to call Nialler" I said "ok babe will I come in with you to tell him?" Liam asked "no I think it would be better if I told him by myself" I said *text*
J: hey Nialler can you come over to mine ? 
N: hey are you alright after de hospital and of course I will be over in about 5 !
J: Kk c u then 
*end of text* 
" Niall will be over in 5 Liam. I'm going to text el and Perrie that I'm ok and if they would come over" I said "are you going to tell them yet or are you going to tell them at you birthday" Liam asked "I'll tell everyone after I tell Niall because they are all my best friends" I said *text*
J: hey el and Perrie I'm texting you bout because I need tell you both something come her with the boys at 6:00?
E: hey and ok what do you need to tell us
J:  you have to wait x :) c you later oh and Niall is already here x 
*end of text*
 "Jen I'm here" someone said I think it was Niall "ok come in here" I said back the Niall came in " hey what's up Jen ?" Niall asked "Niall I need to tell you something" i said as calm as I could "what is it" Niall asked "me and you are brother and sister" I said smiling and kinda crying " WHAT!" Niall said with his mouth in a O shape "are you mad?" I said "no I'm not Jen I'm happy that I have a sis but how we are the same age?" Niall asked " well this part is complicated your dad bobby is my dad and well we went out with my mum and she was having me but he didn't know that she was having a baby and  she put me up for adopting and I got adopted about 2 weeks after I was there...BUT NIALL I ONLY FOUND OUT 2 WEEKS AGO" I said trying not to cry. Niall came over to me and gave me a hug and said "don't cry please and why are you crying The Niall Horan is you brother" he said laughing "but what if you parents get in to a big fight?" I said still in his hug "there divorced so it doesn't matter" he said smiling. "So will we tell the rest and is that why you were stressed?" Niall said "I already told Liam and everyone is coming over tonight so I will tell them then and ye it is why I ended up in hospital" I said laughing   

Nialls P.O.V
Wow I can't believe Jen is my big sister. Even though I'm her little brother I'm still going to stand up for her and do everything for her. 

*1 hour later*
"Hey guys" el said while Lou gave a big smile and waved then hugged Jen " are you ok ?" Louis said "ya I'm fine but I need to tell everyone something" Jen said then they walked in the sitting room "hey Nialler" Louis said and el said then there was another knock  on the door it was perrie, zayn and Harry. Jen brought them in and said "hey guys we have a pizza coming in about 10 minutes but I need to tell you guys something well be and Niall do" she said smiling "well what is it?" Zayn asked " me and Niall are brother and sister" we said smiling. " WHAT?" They all said with a O shape in there mouths "we'll his dad is my dad" I said 

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