my boyfriend liam

this is my first movella so plz no hate

this is about a girl named jennifer who falls for liam and he falls for her but something happens and the truth comes out about her bestfriend read it to find out more xox please read



?"Jennifer's P.O.V,


J:hey babe just want let you know we are coming down in 2 minutes the crowd is huge!x

L:ok c you in a minute x :*

"Come on em are you ready now ?" "yes i am i cant wait "as me and em where walking down the aisles we got to a barrier and the security man wouldn't let us in " excise me miss where do you think your going?!" "im going to see my boyfriend liam!" "sorry cant let you in" "fine  i will call him to come out and i show you !" *calling liam* "hey babe whats up " "liam he wont let me in to see you come out and get me" "ok one minute jen" *call ended*

                                                       *30 seconds later*

"hey Ray she is my girlfriend let her in" "ok liam, and sorry ms" "its fine" i said walking past him and hugging liam.


Emily's P.O.V.

Jen is so lucky to have liam in her life. As i walked in to the room Liam called all the boys over "boys this is emily she is a friend of jens" "hi im niall i can see you want a Horan hug " as he hugged me i hugged him back. my life is now complete " hi im harry" as he kissed my hand i blushed a bit and then "hi im zayn" while shaking my hand i cant stop smiling "AND IM LOUIS" louis said waving his hand. To be honest i really like them all but i love niall the most. " who want go get nan- ?" liam asked "i do" niall interrupted " ye im a bit hungry " jen said as we walked over to jens car and harry and niall , me went in harrys car.


Jennifer's P.O.V

" i think she likes niall just a bit" i said smiling "ye she does she keep staring in his eyes" louis quickly added as we laughed. it was silent the rest of the way as we pulled up to the parking lot we got out and locked my car " do you wanna go belfast with me ?" liam said silently "i would love to liam" i said hugging him "do you want be to make dinner for you while you do interviews  tomorrow?" "no i would never ask you to" "babe you haven't had a healthy dinner in mounts please" i gave him the puppy eyes "fine how can i say no to them big beautiful green eyes " he said laughing a bit  " does the boy want to come over?" "ill ask them jen" "hey boys do you want jen to cook dinner tomorrow?" "ye " they all said together i laughed abit and went back to eating. When we finished i was almost a sleep so liam carried me to the car and he drove to the hotel and brought me up to his suite and put me in his bed.


Liam's P.O.V.

ill sleep on the sofa tonight and let her sleep in my room. then i fell asleep i heard laughing when i woke up and checked the time it was 11:00 so i got up and checked jen she was still fast asleep i didn't want to walk her up but i had to we were leaving in a hour "jen time to walk up " her eyes fluttered and woke up as she rubbed her eyes she said"i can get used to waking up beside you liam" i laughed and helped her up she went to the bathroom and got ready  i got her clothes when she stayed over she could change in to them *KNOCK KNOCK * I went to answer it but they all ran in and jumped on top of me i shouted " louis,niall,harry,zayn off me now!" we all laughed and then jen walked in with her hair straight and then said"hello boys weres emily ?" "oh she is brushing her teeth in mine and zayns suite " niall said smiling "ok niall" she said and went back in to get her shoes " do you like emily?" i asked him and then he blushed like a tomato "no why?" "oh she likes you" " She does!" "ye why " "oh just wondering "   

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