my boyfriend liam

this is my first movella so plz no hate

this is about a girl named jennifer who falls for liam and he falls for her but something happens and the truth comes out about her bestfriend read it to find out more xox please read


35. awards !

  liams P.O.V.

all the girls look amazing but jen likes really really amazing she is beautiful and she looks so happy with el and perrie... i hope it stays that way. we got out of the limo and the first thing you heard was "holy fuck.... oh sorry" jen said we all laughed and went on we went down the red carpet and got photos and stuff then an interviewer started to ask questions so i answered them as usual and then one was "so did you bring jennifer tonight" she said "ye she is over there with eleanor and perrie getting photos" i said smiling. after that we went in she was nervous  you could tell "are you ok jen" i asked laughing abit "y-ye just there is alot of people here" she said smiling "while guys goodluck im going over to my table ok?" perrie said "ye bye and goodluck" we said back.


*2 hours later*

that award show was amazing we won 3 awards! "so did you enjoy it jen?" i asked "ye i feel abit sick though" she said she did sound it " are you ok " i said holding her hand "y-y-ya f-fi-fin......" she fainted "jen can you hear me JEN,JEN" i said the boys came over to me "what happened" niall said looking worried "i-i dont know i-we were talking and then she fainted come on we need to get her to hospital quick" i said lifting her up and running to the car harry started to drive as fast as he could to the hospital we where there in 20 minutes we ran in and i yelled "we need a doctor quick" "ok ok calm down she will be alright" a doctor said while taking her and going in the a room. i followed but they would'nt let me in. louis put his hand on my shoulder "its going to be ok i promise"  and we walked over to the chairs i was trying to hold back my tears but i couldn't eleanor came over to me and said "liam she is strong she will pull throw" 

after about 2 hours the doctor came out "who is here for ms.clarke?" "me" i said " we need to talk to you" he said "i was a bit worried "ok" i said. eleanor perrie and the boys wished me luck. we went down to her room she was asleep on the bed "so whats wrong with her doctor?" i said " she seemed to be stressed out and caused her to fainted.. but she is fine". the doctor said you friends can come in" he said i want out side and called them and explained what had happened "so what was she stressed over" eleanor asked "probably the fight between her and emily?" i said "no it wouldn't of been that i know it wont" perrie said.

about an hour later they left to go home i stayed at the hospital and stayed over night with jen.   

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