my boyfriend liam

this is my first movella so plz no hate

this is about a girl named jennifer who falls for liam and he falls for her but something happens and the truth comes out about her bestfriend read it to find out more xox please read


36. awake

Jennifers P.O.V

i woke up an liam was there. he had his hand over my hand and was asleep, i didnt want to wake him up so i just fell back asleep.


i woke up about 10 ish and liam was awake "JEN! YOUR AWAKE!" liam said smiling happily "ya i am since last night!" i said laughing while smiling "why did you not wake me up?" "because it didnt look like you got any sleep... im sorry if i made you worry" i said while my smile fading "no dont be sorry love it was nice to know you thought about if before waking me up. ill call el and perrie and the boys" liam said smiling. "ok " i said smiling.


*2 hours later*

"jennifer can go home BUT she needs to be looked after and cant be stressed!" the doctor said "ok" liam said while helping me up. we walked out to the car liam looked worried "whats wrong babe?" i asked "oh...noting" he said "ok?" i said not pushing it the car ride was about a hour it was silent for the first 20 minutes "so liam whats wrong... i need to know please tell babe" i said trying to not stress out. "babe the .... doctor said that you were stressed out alot whats wrong" liam asked worried "oh well liam i was going to tell you this when i found out.. as a baby i was born and my  mum and dad  put me up for adopting and well i only  found out 3 weeks ago from my mum well step-mum and while the brother is he is niall" i said crying "im sorry i didnt tell you but it was hard to tell you niall doesnt even know yet" i said still crying "oh babe its ok i know it would be hard to tell people when you only found out and then with the little fight aswell but niall would be happy he always wanted a sister" liam said smiling



hi guys i might update tomorrow and sorry it a short chapter its kinda late and my sisters are very loud so i cant think straight with them ill will try tomorrow or soon :) hope your enjoying it in the next chapter it will explan the thing with her and niall being brother and sis :P :) oh and soz for spelling again sisters (wish i had my own room :(...) 

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