my boyfriend liam

this is my first movella so plz no hate

this is about a girl named jennifer who falls for liam and he falls for her but something happens and the truth comes out about her bestfriend read it to find out more xox please read




Jen's P.O.V

I was getting ready for our 2 year anniversary dinner i cant believe it 2 years already ! 

I put on my blue dress knee high dress with black high heels and i put my long hair into curls i did my make up and was ready to go i got my iphone and went down stairs "ready lili" i said "y-wow you look amazing " he said i blushed "naw thanks babes you to " i said smiling "come on" i smiled we went to the car and drove to a big beautiful castle with pink flowers on the outside and on the balcony there was candles all over it and a table the sun was shining so it was lovely out "oh my gosh liam its beautiful " i said hugging him "i try " he said laughing we walked up the spiral staircase that lead is to the balcony "Liam this is perfect " i said smiling like an idiot.

We sat down and the waiter came "what would you like to order ? we have a range of food. we have irish,Italian,Spanish,French " he said handing us a menu  "i will have italian food please" i said "same with me" liam said "drinks" the waiter said "mmm can i have a red wine please " i asked "i will have a white wine " liam said "ok please wait while we prepare you're food" he said then left

"liam lets get a picture" i said taking out my phone "ok jen" he said we got a waiter to take a picture  "say cheese" the waiter said "cheese" we said while smiling then laughing "thanks " i said i got the phone off her and looked at it "new screensaver" i said smiling "lets see" liam asked i hand him over the phone "send me that " he said smiling "i'll tweet it first" i said "here you go" the waiter said handing me a red wine and liam a white "thanks" me and liam said at the same time which caused us to laugh. I took a sip of the wine and then put the picture up on twitter "me and my  lili on our 2 year anniversary cant believe its 2 years :0 luv u @real_liam_payne x"

Our food arrived there was a big tray of Italian food there was pizza's and pasta and anything Italian "niall would love this " i said laughing "i know will i send him a picture " liam asked "ya " i said laughing at the amount of food there. We ate a bit of it then got full "uhhhh im stuffed i feel like homer Simpson " i said patting my tummy which caused liam to laugh.


"dessert ?" the waiter asked "erm ya jen we share?" liam asked "ya i dont mind" i said taking a sip of wine "we will have the strawberry short cake" liam said "ok" the waiter wrote it down and then left. "its been a amazing night out " i said smiling     " i agree" liam said smiling. the waiter came with our dessert and gave us to forks "haha thanks" me and liam said laughing "no problem " he said walking in. we finished the food then left we said good bye and thank you of course.we got to the car and drove home. 


we got in and went to our room. We kissed but it turned more passionate then more and more liam unziped my dress while i took his top off then we got closer and closer and well lets just say had some fun ;)

*the end*


ok guys im now finished this book and i will be writing the next one tonight so enjoy it will be called 'my boyfriend liam 2 ' enjoy it thanks for reading this book means a lot :D XXXXXXX love you all please leave feedback xcxx 

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