The life of ME

This is my life and I want you to join me.
But... there is one problem.
I have a strange family and by strange I mean... annoying.
I am totally boy obsessed! and that's a terrible habit to have, oh, and biting your nails...

In the book 'the life of me' it is full of love, love and...
so basically the book should be called
'how I KEEP falling in LOVE!'
LOL that actually sounds good. Anyways
this actually has some bits that include
my real life but will be a bit bit bit...
different... okay actually maybe a lot
but the adventures the main character
goes through would mostly be what I
have been through.
Hope you like it!


1. ♥Younger Me♥

When I was younger I was super poor. I was a hobo.

I mean it, I was one of those people you would find begging

on the streets. That's how poor I was. I remember living in this

little ally with my mum and dad but there was a new member

joining the family my little brother and yeah I was surrounded

with cousins and aunties and uncles and one of my uncles was

this little boy! I'll probably tell you about that some other time.

Anyways I was around one and a half years old before my brother

joined the family. he was cute back then I mean it he is not cute now.

When I was two years old a lady with light peachy skin and seemed

very tall from my point of view would always come and visit us and

help take care of me and my brother. She would come visit when

we're eating she would try to talk to me in my language but failed

and I was still pretty young and wouldn't understand why she kept

coming to our house.

Then one day still at the age of two my dad left us to go find a job

and somehow never returned. Then turning the age of three my

mum got sick. She became sicker and sicker each day trying to

take care of me and my brother and going out on the streets to earn

some money for the family and yes the strange lady still came and

visited us and truth is she was very nice to us and my mum. She

would help my mum when my grandma would shout at her and stuff

like that. I also remember the time my brother was playing with the

radio and got an electric shock a very big one. His heart stopped

and was taken to the hospital immediately. All I can remember

is him coming back home holding a plastic water bottle in his hand.

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