The life of ME

This is my life and I want you to join me.
But... there is one problem.
I have a strange family and by strange I mean... annoying.
I am totally boy obsessed! and that's a terrible habit to have, oh, and biting your nails...

In the book 'the life of me' it is full of love, love and...
so basically the book should be called
'how I KEEP falling in LOVE!'
LOL that actually sounds good. Anyways
this actually has some bits that include
my real life but will be a bit bit bit...
different... okay actually maybe a lot
but the adventures the main character
goes through would mostly be what I
have been through.
Hope you like it!


4. ♥The new nanny♥

At the age of three as you already know I

went to a school where teachers would hit

you if you did one thing wrong and trust when

I was younger I was a trouble maker even now.

One day I got hit on the hand and pinched and

then was sent to the corner for probably doing

something not so bad. When I arrived home I 

told my mum what was happening at school

and what the teacher was doing and she totally

f-lipped. Then my nanny told my mum that she didn't

want to work for us anymore and never came back.

Stupid women. Anyways my mum told this guy what

the teacher was doing at my school and he fired the

teacher but after getting fired she was generous enough

to find us a new nanny and I think she purposely picked

a mean lady to look after us and surprisingly she still

works for us now. The new nanny would lock us up in the

bathroom if we were being naughty or crying. We told

mum what was happening and she had a word with the

new nanny. The nanny's name is Kunthea sounds like

'kun-tea'. After a few years we moved into a bigger

house and I think I was 5 years old? yeah sadly we

didn't move to England.

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