The life of ME

This is my life and I want you to join me.
But... there is one problem.
I have a strange family and by strange I mean... annoying.
I am totally boy obsessed! and that's a terrible habit to have, oh, and biting your nails...

In the book 'the life of me' it is full of love, love and...
so basically the book should be called
'how I KEEP falling in LOVE!'
LOL that actually sounds good. Anyways
this actually has some bits that include
my real life but will be a bit bit bit...
different... okay actually maybe a lot
but the adventures the main character
goes through would mostly be what I
have been through.
Hope you like it!


2. ♥Death♥

So far at the age of three I had gone through

so much. First my dad left me then my brother

had an electric shock and his heart stopped

and I could have lost him as well and not to 

mention I was very poor a beggar to be precise.

My mum was still very ill and could barely take

care of us so my nasty grandma had to. yippee.

One day my mum had to go to the hospital and

back then I didn't know why I just cried and cried

for her but it felt like nobody could here my cries.

Then news came back telling me that my mum had

died because of this disease I have no idea what it's

called. Anyways as you can see my life when I was

younger was pretty messed up. My dad left me, my

brother almost died and my mum had died. If I lost my

brother in that electric shock I would've had nobody

besides my cousins and grandma but still... I definitely

had one messed up life back then.

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