The life of ME

This is my life and I want you to join me.
But... there is one problem.
I have a strange family and by strange I mean... annoying.
I am totally boy obsessed! and that's a terrible habit to have, oh, and biting your nails...

In the book 'the life of me' it is full of love, love and...
so basically the book should be called
'how I KEEP falling in LOVE!'
LOL that actually sounds good. Anyways
this actually has some bits that include
my real life but will be a bit bit bit...
different... okay actually maybe a lot
but the adventures the main character
goes through would mostly be what I
have been through.
Hope you like it!


3. ♥A new life, A new start♥

Now lets get to the part of my life when

it starts to change when my life and my

brother's life changes forever!

So you remember the lady that would

always come and visit me and my brother?

well before my mum died she asked the lady

to take care of me and my brother heck yeah

she kept that promise. She brought us to an

orphanage to stay for a while. The lady's

name is Lori she works with a group of

people an go around to places to look after

kids like me. Lori is from England and is around

30 something years old. I still couldn't speak

English and back then didn't understand why

I was taken there. Anyways the biggest change

was when Lori now so called my mum adopted

me and my brother! we were taken into a small

and I went to school no very good school. The

teachers hit you. It was the year 2002 and teachers

still hit you! how strange is that. I remember my 

nanny always braiding my hair and never really

paid any attention to my younger brother people

liked to call him chubby. Oh-boy they wouldn't be

calling him that now he's thin as a stick and has abs!

I had to learn English for two years because one time

I was at the market with my mum and couldn't speak

her language so when I said pee she thought I was

saying cookie because in my language when you say

pee it sounds a lot like cookie and so she didn't know

what I was saying and accidentally peed on the floor. 

Embarrassing much.


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