Money & a Kiss

Autumn Moore is an 18 year old girl who isn't anything out of the ordinary, she's one of the popular's on the outside but on the inside she is extremely fragile.
Can one dare from her 'Friends" change her life?
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15. Why Can't Life Be Simpler - Written By Pick n' Mix

Autumn’s POV

“Hey, Autumn, wake up. You have school today,” said Niall gently, shaking me awake. I groaned and pulled the covers over me slightly. “Go away Niall,” I moaned.

He chuckled and shook me harder until I gave up and pushed him off. “Alright, I’m up. Now get out of my room, I need to get dressed for school,” I muttered.

Niall nodded obediently and walked out quickly, leaving me alone in my sea of thoughts.

Sighing, I sat up on my bed, legs swinging by the side of the bed and my head in my hands, my eyes flickered from the soft teddy on my left and then down to my lap.

One glimpse of my brother’s teddy on my window sill could make me break down into tears.

How was I supposed to ‘change’ Zayn when I was basically in my own crisis? I loved my family and I thought they loved me too yet they had left me with nothing.

Luckily, they had left the jar filled with spare money but how was three-hundred pounds or something around that number going to help me live?

I needed to get a job, hard as that would be for me, I would have to because otherwise I wasn’t going to be able to pay the bills of this house and to even give me food or drink.

Breathing in, I fumbled around in my drawers trying to find something decent to wear to school. I pulled out a loose, grey vest top and a light pink skirt and quickly got dressed.

Having one last look in the mirror, I grabbed my bag and trapezed downstairs, praying that we weren’t going to have a replay of yesterday’s morning, well erm, disaster.

Entering the sitting room, I couldn’t help chuckling at the sight before me. Harry had taken the small sofa which was quite peculiar since he seemed about double the size, his legs splaying out at the ends.

Zayn had taken the chair but instead of curled up, he too was sitting like a starfish, legs and arms out causing me to laugh even more.

Liam and Louis were also spread across the floor, Louis head on Liam’s arm and I was sure that when Liam woke up, he was going to be having a dead arm.

Chuckling, I walked around the four and went into the kitchen where Niall was busy preparing breakfast. “Niall, seriously, I can make breakfast myself,” I said, pushing him with my hip to the side.

“Uh uh, just because yesterday didn’t turn out well, doesn’t mean I’m gonna give up,” he winked. “I never give up!” he called out triumphantly.

“Shut up Niall,” I giggled,” but please, can I just make my own breakfast. I just want cereal and then go to school otherwise I’m going to be late!”

“Fine then, go. Go and have some coco pops and leave me with a broken heart,” Niall cried out, pretending to wipe away tears. “Oh poor Niall, I am ever so sorry,” I said dramatically.

“No, no, go on. Go and have that filthy cereal of yours,” he said, waving his hand at me to shoo me away. Laughing I made myself some cereal and shovelled it into my mouth quickly.

“Bye Niall,” I called, leaving the bowl in the sink and rushing out. “Bye Autumn, have a good day at school,” he replied.

I wish.

Carefully, treading over the sleepy boys in my room, I reached for the door.

“Wait, Aut,” called someone. The only person who called me by that name. Zayn.

Remembering Harry’s words last night, I turned round hesitantly, pushing a smile onto my blank features.

Something flashed through Zayn’s eyes and I swear I almost saw a sincere smile etch onto his face before it was replaced with the renounced smirk I had seen many a time.

“Yeah?” I mumbled.

“Have a bad day at school,” he winked cockily. I rolled my eyes and slammed the door shut, Harry’s words disappearing from my mind. Well, Malicious Toad over there could go suck my- Anyways.


After a fifteen minute walk, I ended up at the dreaded place we call school.

Making sure that I was going to be as invisible as possible, I slid through the crowds of people, keeping my head down as to not be spotted by Amy and the rest of that clique.

Finally arriving at my registration class, I filed in and sat down obediently, keeping my eyes on my desk and only on my desk.

“Good morning class and welcome to a new week,” announced Mrs Halloway.

“No shit, it’s Monday,” muttered someone next to me causing me to laugh slightly. “Anyway,” said Mrs Halloway, glaring at me,” there are a few announcements and—“

And during her little speech, I zoned out, not bothering to find out what was for lunch today. Finally, the bell rang and I leaped out of my seat, racing to the door and muttering a “good bye” to Mrs Halloway.

“Look who it is,” whispered someone from behind me. I chose to ignore it or she or he, whoever it was and carry on. “Little-Miss-Poor-Pants,” the person whispered again.

I froze, how did they know. “Yeah, that’s right. I know where you live, I know where your house is and I know that you basically live in a crumbling shack,” the girl carried on.

“Just shut up,” I mumbled. “What? Sorry I couldn’t hear that,” she asked mockingly.

“Just shut up!” I said louder this time. I spun around on my heel to face Amy’s gaze.

“You little-“but she didn’t have time to finish before I smacked her and walked away without another word.

I knew by the amount of gasps (and some hollers, cheering me on) that basically half the school saw that and by the end of the day, the whole school would know.

But I didn’t care, Amy was going to have to stop treating me like shit before I actually would care.


By the time the school day had ended, so many people had come up to me, either saying ‘well done’ or ‘how could you?’, that I couldn’t count it anymore.

It was quite funny how so many people praised me but I knew better than to flaunt it. Maybe I shouldn’t have slapped her but it was literally the only way to make her shut up.

Flinging my bag over my shoulder, I left the school premises and decided to take the long way back home.

I wasn’t sure if the boys would still be there, yes, Zayn said that they would be leaving in days but maybe everything had cooled down by now.

I almost felt a tinge of sadness at the thought of them leaving. Sure, Zayn was a dick (or as Harry had said, born a douche-bag) but the others were so nice and funny.

It was going to be so lonely in the house without anyone. I now didn’t have any friends, I didn’t have family and I hardly had any money.

Sighing, I stopped outside a newsagent, scanning the window for any job possibilities.



Groaning internally with frustration, I found my feet walking subconsciously towards the park where I had previously got hit in the head by the notorious, Malicious Toad but now he wasn’t there and I could finally have some time to myself.

Sitting down behind the tree trunk, I rested my head and felt a tear trail down my cheek. I shouldn’t be crying, people had it far worse than me. But I couldn’t help it.

After losing my family, being ridiculed by some man you hardly knew and being tormented by some bitch, I couldn’t help shedding a tear.

Why couldn’t life be simpler?


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