Money & a Kiss

Autumn Moore is an 18 year old girl who isn't anything out of the ordinary, she's one of the popular's on the outside but on the inside she is extremely fragile.
Can one dare from her 'Friends" change her life?
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3. The Tweet - Written by El x

Autumn's POV

The memory of the kiss lingered in my mind as I sat on my tiny sofa at my house, I wasn't exactly going to back to school where those bitches were lurking around. I was reading 'And Then There Were None' an Agatha Christie murder mystery book, the same one that I had read more than 10 times when my phone buzzed, I picked it up off the table and saw that I had a twitter mention, I never got mentions so I eagerly opened up twitter.

@ZaynMalik- I am really sorry about hitting you! @Autumn_Moore, I hope your head feels better x 

I accidentally dropped my phone as it began to buzz like crazy none stop, I picked it up of the dirty floor to see my mention box filling up like a bathtub, but a whole lot quicker. Every single tweet was from a person I didn't know. Then I saw : @PerfAmy - What the Fuck do you think you are playing at Bitch? You don't deserve his sympathy, your the one that ruined his relationship you whore. 

Suddenly twitter was swarming with questions. 'Who is this girl?' 'Autumn Moore, Home Wrecker?' 'Zerrie, another cheating scandal?!' This is not good. No, no , no , no.  Why the hell did he have to tweet that? I was in some deep shit.

There was a anxious knock on the door, I got myself of the sofa and jumped to get it, if this was the paparazzi , oh god, I don't know what I would do. I flung open the door. " Go away." I said automatically, thinking it was the paps.

It was Zayn, he was wearing a black hoodie and dark jeans, his eyes were covered by shades and his hood was pulled over his head. "Autumn, Its me!" He sounded slightly scared. I stared back at him. " So? Go Away." I stated.

" God, this is not the time to be a bitch, let me in." He growled and pushed past me into my house, his eyes scanned the small living room. " You live here?" He asked, shocked. I nodded as I folded my arms. " If you don't like it, you can leave." I told him, he looked at me, hoping that I was joking, I shook my head slightly and he bit his lip sheepishly.

" What the fuck was that for?" I asked him. " What?" He said confused. " The reason that your here! The fucking tweet!" I screamed at him. It seemed like a light bulb went of in his head.  "Oh! I'm sorry okay? I just feel bad about the whole, hitting you in the head with a football thing." He told me, as his eyes flickered towards the window then the door.

"Well thanks to your stupid guilt, We are in deep shit." I spat at him. He stared back at me, " You started this." His sudden anger frightened me a little bit, he took a step closer, his finger pointing straight at me.

"You're the one that had to kiss me, you ruined my life." He  yelled into my face. I took a step back and hit the wall. " What the fuck do you mean by Ruined?" I screamed back at him, tears threatening to spill out of my eyes. 

" I was finally happy, Do you know how long it took me to find a girl like Perrie? She is the most amazing girl in the world and by some stroke of luck she was mine, but then, you had to fucking come along and..." He stopped.

I could see he was close to crying, I suddenly felt bad, worse than I did after the dare, she must have meant a lot to him. " and what?" I urged him to continue. He looked deep into my eyes, I felt a strange tingling in my stomach.  Then he suddenly broke his eye contact and muttered something quietly. I didn't hear him.  " What?" I asked, I didn't mean to sound harsh,but it came out strangely.

" Mess up my feelings okay?" He screamed, I was taken back, what did he mean by that. "What..?" I began to say, but his frustrated voice cut me off. "  We need to sort this shit out!" Zayn said as he ran his fingers through his hair. I sat myself back down on the sofa.

"That bitch Amy.." Zayn muttered. " Tell me about it! At least you don't go to school with her." I mumbled. "Hang on, You go to school with her?" He squatted down in front of me, looking me straight in the eye. "Yeah, she's the one that told me to do it." I told him, trying not to look into his soft brown eyes. "Told you to do what?" He asked, squinting slightly. "Well, she is the one that told me to kiss somebody in the bar, and that happened to be you." I said quite quietly. Zayn immediately stood up and began to pace around the room.  "Bitch, bitch, bitch" He kept muttering. I stood up. " I know, so what are we going to do about it" I questioned

" I have no fucking idea." Zayn stopped pacing and looked at me with a grim look on his face.


Taadaa! THat is the 1st Chappie I have written on my own for this! :P Do you like it? Thanks to everyone that has read this and liked/faved/commented. I would just like to take this time to apologize for not updating on monday! I will def get back to the schedule ( Monday-Mina & Fri- Me) It was just this time things went a little bit weird. SO thanks again for reading and Comment Like & Favorite!!! xx

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